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Oct. 7 Fredi Gonzalez pregame interview

Q. Were you somewhat expecting that they would go with Kershaw, and did that decision affect you? Did you at least think about maybe changing your plans?

FREDI GONZALEZ: No, no. And, yes, we were prepared that that was going to that that could happen with Clayton throwing today, and that didn't affect our decision at all. We've got to take care of our team and make sure we know our guys, and we know how to prepare them and how successful they're going to be in certain situations. That didn't affect the decision at all, not starting Medlen.

Q. Does that go back to what you were saying yesterday, that's why you've used the guys all year? If anything, you've given them more rest than short rest?

FREDI GONZALEZ: That's correct. That's correct.

Q. During the '90s, Bobby used the guys on short rest a lot to varying degrees. Smoltz had success; Maddux didn't. Have you had discussions not just this week but in the past with him about guys on short rest?

FREDI GONZALEZ: Yeah, we did, actually, even this morning. It didn't affect my decision. We talked about it because he always calls every day and we talk baseball. It always boils down to the person pitching that day. You can't just make a blanket statement saying, hey, we're going to go. Everybody can go short days on a short day rest. I think every individual, every pitcher is different. You've got to make the best decision for that person to be successful.

Q. You said yesterday that in Game 5 everyone would be available in the bullpen. This is essentially a Game 5 for you guys. Is everyone available and might you use Medlen?

FREDI GONZALEZ: Everybody's available, yes. But I don't think Medlen would be available.

Q. Would you be more inclined to use Minor then tonight in relief if necessary and save Medlen for 5?

FREDI GONZALEZ: Correct. If everything goes fine, then we'll make 5, the fifth game starter decision then. If something goes wrong, Minor is available, and go from there.

Q. Given the amount that Wood pitched last night, is he available?

FREDI GONZALEZ: I think so. We'll check with Roger. I think at the very least he could probably get us a hitter, maybe a left handed hitter or something in a tough situation. His pitch count off the top of have my head, I can't really remember, buit wasn't really high. I'm sure he could give us a hitter or two.

Q. You've been very complimentary about Hanley during this series, but he came to LA with a lot of baggage and some questions about attitude and so on. A lot of that grew up in the four years that you were together in Miami. What was the source of the friction in those days? Do you see a more mature Hanley or anything like that?

FREDI GONZALEZ: Oh, I don't think it was I've never had any friction with Hanley personally, and I see a different Hanley. I see a more mature guy, but I've always seen a real, real good baseball player. He's a guy that's got a bright future in this game. At any given time he tilts the field, defensively, running bases, offensively, hitting. He's a special guy.

But it was never the situation that was brought out to the attention of what happened was nothing personal at all. It was something that as a head coach or a manager in any sport, sometimes you've got to worry about 24 other guys, and you've got to make decisions.

When you feel you did the right thing at the right time, maybe that helped them grow up a little bit. I don't know. But it was nothing personal. There is no friction there. I've spoken to him since that incident you're speaking about many, many times, and it's been good, a good relationship.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about how the team has improved from last season to this season? And do you think the experience has been the main factor, that extra year?

FREDI GONZALEZ: I think so. I think so. And I think that at least I take it that way. It's a young team with a young rotation. You could never say that we're going to be in the same position next year because it doesn't work that way. You feel fortunate and very lucky that you won your division, and hopefully you get to continue on playing for a couple two or three more weeks.

But you feel that the young players have grown up. I think that Julio Teheran being 22 years old, and experiencing what he experienced last night, it's going to be better. And hopefully he gets to do it in the next series and do it again.

You can't put them in a simulator, the experience. You've got to run them out there. There is no simulator that's going to have 50,000 plus screaming fans in Dodger Stadium. That doesn't exist. You've got to experience it; and by our players experiencing that, it's better for them.