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Oct. 7 Jim Leyland postgame interview

Q. Can you talk about what you saw from Anibal Sanchez today?

JIM LEYLAND: He obviously wasn't sharp. Sometimes he starts out a little slow, you figure he's going to get it going. Today he just really didn't get it going. He made a couple of real bad pitches the last inning he was out there to Moss and Smith.

He just never got it going. He's a guy that once in a while starts out slow and gets it going. Today he did not.

Q. Jim, your hitting other than the one inning, not what you want or do you tip your cap to the pitchers?

JIM LEYLAND: It's usually a combination of both. That's normally the way it works out, somebody is making good pitches and we're not swinging quite as good as we're capable.

Q. Prince had a couple of hits today. Did you like his approach or feel like he's breaking out of his slump?

JIM LEYLAND: He swung the bat good today and he hit another line drive at the shortstop he hit real hard. He swung the bat exceptionally well today.

Q. Can you talk about leaving Anibal in that inning with the left hander up ready?

JIM LEYLAND: He's my guy and he did lead the league in earned run average. You figure he's going to get out of it at any time, because he's good at making pitches. He struck out first guy in the inning, got a change up up to Moss and a fastball to Smith that he hit pretty good. It got up into the jet stream.

I don't think twice about that, like I said he led the league in earned run average.

Q. Can you talk about the skirmish with Balfour and Victor, how it was sorted out and how it was handled?

JIM LEYLAND: I think you know, it's playoff baseball, and everybody knows in the league, including the Oakland team, that Balfour is an energy guy. He's a hyper guy, an energy guy, and it looked like he came off the mound at Victor. Victor took offense to it, and I don't blame him. I understand that.

But other than that, it's playoff baseball and the guy was wound up a little bit, came off yelling at Victor and Victor took offense to it, and I don't blame him.

Q. Because tomorrow is an elimination game, do you do anything to prepare your team differently for tomorrow's game?

JIM LEYLAND: No, there is no tricks. We got to win the game tomorrow to try to extend it to Game 5. It's that simple. There is no different players or no different pitchers, anything of that nature.

The bullpen did a great job today. We ran into another situation where we didn't put enough runs on the board and an excellent starting pitcher didn't have a very good day.

Q. Jim, in Game 2 you had Rick Porcello throw in the middle of the ninth inning, and today you him in the pen earlier in the game. Is he a short guy or long guy, what kind of situation do you use him?

JIM LEYLAND: Sanchy ran into trouble early. He was going to be our long guy. Then with all the lefties coming up, we thought we would run Jose Alvarez out there, and Rick Porcello is waiting for Yoenis Cespedes or Donaldson to get a ground ball or double play, like we brought him in the other night to get a ground ball, and we didn't get it.

He floats in the bullpen and you use him where you think you need him and then we decided to use Jose Veras. He hadn't been out there. So we went to Jose Veras after that, after Jose Alvarez.

Q. You put Jhonny Peralta in the lineup to give you guys punch. What were your thoughts about his performance today?

JIM LEYLAND: He did fine. He knocked in two runs, that's why we put him out there, hoping we would get a little punch and he did that to tie the game up. He did fine in the outfield.

When you put a guy out there that hasn't been out there, you're saying you're willing to accept what you get defensively for what you might get offensively, and today Jhonny got us a hit that gave us two runs. That's as simple as it is. There's no tricks to it. You know when you're risking that, you put a guy out there that hasn't been there before, but at the same time you're getting the bat in there and he provided us with a couple of RBIs today.

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