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Oct. 7 Logan Forsythe postgame interview

October 8, 2017

Q. The feeling, Logan, of being up 2-0? LOGAN FORSYTHE: It feels good. I think this is the position we want to be in as a team, I think the way we went about this game, the intensity, the energy, it was there for us. I think our plan, approach,

Q. The feeling, Logan, of being up 2-0?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: It feels good. I think this is the position we want to be in as a team, I think the way we went about this game, the intensity, the energy, it was there for us. I think our plan, approach, all aspects of the game we did a pretty good job these first two.
Q. So it was always said that the Diamondbacks Robbie Ray had your number. You kind of worked around that tonight. How were you able to turn the table?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: Yeah, Robbie's done really well against us this year, and he's had a great year all around. But for us, I think at times facing him this year we've kind of gotten out of the approach, and wanted to do too much. That was kind of harped on earlier today what our plan wanted to be on the field. Try to keep him in the zone, when we keep him in the zone, we do well. The average is up, the slug is up, everything's up. We just get more barrels to the ball, plain and simple. Tonight his slider, his off speed wasn't as sharp as it's been in the past, but it was still down. His fastball, he still had his velo, but I think all around, one through nine, we did a really good job of keeping the ball in the zone.
Q. Logan, for you personally now to be here in the playoffs after all the years you've put in, how exciting is this for you?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: This is what you play the game for. This is what you put the hard work in for. Just to get a chance to be in the postseason, to get a chance to see how far you can go. For me it's exciting. The energy out on that field, the fans, it's a different energy than you feel in the season.
Q. With all the singles today, I think there was just the one extra base hit. Can you talk about how tight the execution has to be in order to score eight runs?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: Yeah, I think for our team getting on base gives us the ability to score that amount of runs. Taking the walks, going base to base the smart way, not making outs on the bases, taking advantage of getting a stolen base. Reading the dirt ball. Getting guys in scoring position, and the timely hits that we've had these first two games is why we're getting those runs.
Q. Going to Arizona, what's it going to take? What are the key variables to winning on the road and winning in Arizona?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: We're going to treat it like another game. We've been in Chase Field before. I know it's probably going to be a little louder. But we're going up against Greinke who is their guy, and we're going to to do our homework, and go out there and prepare for the game the way we've been playing.
Q. You got a lot of production tonight out of the bottom of the lineup, including some guys that don't always play every day. What's that tell you about this team?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: It tells you that this team is prepared. It tells you this team has conversations with guys that are everyday players and face these guys on a regular basis. The communication with us in that clubhouse, I haven't really been a part of that for 25 guys. The big thing for us is the guys that aren't in there are wanting to prove something and I think that gives them a little added edge. They come out with a chip on their shoulder, and they want to get the job done. They're not scared to do it. They want to do it.
Q. What are those conversations like?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: That's clubhouse conversations.
Q. Robbie Ray has had a lot of success against you guys this year, and you've had a lot of success against him over your career. What was different about this Robbie Ray compared to the last ones you've seen?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: I said it a little bit earlier, but I thought his velo was there. I thought his fastball has played well like it's played in the past. Offspeed-wise I thought it was down in the zone, but it wasn't that good strike at the bottom of the zone. For us, I think, the big key for us tonight was we were attacking balls in the zone and where we wanted to hit them. We got some barrels to them. Tonight we got him.
Q. First taste of the postseason here through two games, what's it been like for you, what is the experience, how does it meet expectations? Is there anything that the veterans or guys on this team have told you about what to expect or what to do?
LOGAN FORSYTHE: It exceeds expectations, for sure. Just being able to come out here and the announcements for the first game, it's like opening day again, but it's like this is what we started opening day trying to get to. It's just enjoyable. I mean, you go out on that field, and now it's not a matter of stats, it's just a matter of executing and preparing yourself to win a ballgame and we're doing a pretty good job of it.