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Offseason work shows in Tulo's big play

MIAMI -- Plays like the backhand and across-the-body throw by shortstop Troy Tulowitzki that beat the Marlins' Marcell Ozuna to first base Tuesday night are both planned and spontaneous.

"It's reactions, it's instincts, but at the same time I practice stuff like that in the offseason," Tulowitzki said of a play that was quite popular on all matter of media. "I expect that out of myself. It's always nice to accomplish that in the game, though. You feel like you get some momentum on your side. The pitcher is pumped up. The team is pumped up. We came into the dugout with a little bit of a boost.

"It's satisfying for myself to know that all of the hard work that I put in pays dividends."

The first baseman at the other end of the play, Justin Morneau, said: "I'm not sure if I've ever been a part of one of those."

Tulowitzki credited Morneau for his footwork. He had to cross the bag into foul territory to make the catch.

"He definitely finished the play, did a great job of knowing where the bag was and what he needed to do to catch the ball," Tulowitzki said. "It was a pretty play by Morney."

Thomas Harding is a reporter for Follow him on Twitter @harding_at_mlb.
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