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Olt preparing for move to outfield

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Mike Olt said he can be a "great" outfielder but needs more time out there. He will get it in Spring Training as the Rangers have asked him to prepare to play multiple positions.

"I'll be comfortable when I practice out there," Olt said. "Last year I didn't play much out there, three random games in the Minors and a couple up here. But once I get a feel for it, it will be fine."

Olt's normal position is third base, but the Rangers have Adrian Beltre there. Olt will also play first and the outfield this spring as a way to increase his value, versatility and chances to make the team.

"I guess I'm going to do everything," Olt said. "Last year, I focused on third base because I knew I was going back to the Minors. This spring, I'll focus on first and the outfield."

Olt is still with the Rangers after a winter of being in the middle of almost every possible trade discussion. The Rangers two main targets were former Rays pitcher James Shields and former D-backs outfielder Justin Upton. There's little doubt that Olt would have been included if the Rangers had pulled off a deal for either one of those two.

"I didn't really try to look at that stuff but you walk into a deli and people say, you're getting traded, here, here or here," Olt said. "It would have been a change of scenery and a good opportunity. Hopefully there will be a good spot for me here."