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Schierholtz questions first glance at lineup card

PHOENIX -- Nate Schierholtz was originally listed in the Cubs' lineup for Tuesday's game at first base. Schierholtz did a double take when he saw that. He's never played first. Ever.

"I've never played first, I've never taken any ground balls, so I'm not sure if that's a misprint or not," he said on Monday.


"Not really, no," the outfielder said. "If that's the case, I'll have to obviously start taking ground balls before I play in a game and get a first baseman's glove."

He can't borrow one from Anthony Rizzo. Wrong hand.

"I have one at home here," Schierholtz said.

He won't need it. Apparently, Rizzo is starting at first on Tuesday and Schierholtz is getting the day off.

"That was a typo," Cubs manager Dale Sveum explained. "[Schierholtz] goes, 'You know, I haven't played first base.' I said, 'You're not playing first base.'"

The good news is that Schierholtz is paying attention and read the bulletin board.