Inbox: Which Padres OF is likely to be traded?

Beat reporter AJ Cassavell fields fans' questions

July 22nd, 2019

The Padres have about a week to settle on a path for the Trade Deadline. Even with their recent struggles, they remain one of the market's most intriguing teams.

They could buy, they could sell, and they have plenty of pieces to do both. That leaves us an awful lot to cover in this week's Inbox.

Can the Padres realistically keep and with their offensive profiles being so redundant?
-- Ryan P., El Cajon, Calif.

Absolutely, they can keep both. And they'd be perfectly happy to do so. There's always room for righty sluggers who can mash 40 taters in a given season.

The real question is whether the Padres would want to keep both. They’ve got holes elsewhere, and Renfroe and Reyes are two of their most attractive trade chips.

In the outfield, might be off to a slow start, but he still has huge upside as a much-needed lefty bat. , if healthy, is a weapon, too. And, who knows, maybe puts it together at some point.

None of those options are on the level of Renfroe and Reyes. But the point is: The Padres have options. They don’t have a sense of urgency to deal one of those big bats. But if they can improve significantly somewhere else on the diamond, they're comfortable doing so.

Does this recent stretch of losses post-All-Star break make the Padres more inclined to deal ? Does Andres Munoz's performance?
-- @PadresFarm

Yes to the first question. No to the second.

When I've inquired about Yates' status as a trade piece, the responses I've gotten have always been framed with this year as a contention year. If the Padres are falling out of contention, it changes Yates' value.

That's not to say Yates is going to be traded if the team continues to slump. The Padres are looking to contend in 2020, and Yates clearly helps them do so. He's an elite closer, and general manager A.J. Preller is right to set the price high.

As for Munoz, he's been good, but he hasn’t shown the Padres anything they didn't expect. There are a number of people in the organization who think he's closer material. But there's room for both Munoz and Yates in the bullpen. Plus, Munoz's time to compete for a closer role might not come for another season or two anyway.

Who is Preller most likely to trade: Renfroe, Reyes or ?
-- Randall M., San Diego

There's no easy answer here, because none of the three are off-limits. It doesn't come down to their talent. It comes down to which player nets the best return from another club.

Reyes is the youngest of the bunch and has a huge offensive ceiling. Renfroe has lots of team control, with a similar bat and a much better glove. The Padres would be most comfortable parting with Margot. But they wouldn't get much in return.

Right now, Renfroe is probably the likeliest to be dealt. But it's close.

Do you think the Padres would be more inclined to add money to Myers or package him with prospects to move him?
-- Mark V., San Diego

The Padres haven't given any indication in either direction, and Myers' contract -- with three years and $20 million per season remaining -- is burdensome. Chances are, he stays put.

But if the Padres were to move Myers, a look at Preller's history might give us the best indication. He ate a bunch of money on James Shields' deal to snag He took on Phil Hughes' contract for extra Draft flexibility in 2018.

When Preller has to choose between prospects and future financial flexibility, he's almost always leaned to the prospects.