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Phillies of past and present recall Ruiz's impact

Member of 2008 World Series champions traded to Dodgers @ToddZolecki

PHILADELPHIA -- Current and former Phillies showed their love for Carlos Ruiz on Thursday, just hours after the Phillies announced they had traded him to the Dodgers.

Here is what they said:

PHILADELPHIA -- Current and former Phillies showed their love for Carlos Ruiz on Thursday, just hours after the Phillies announced they had traded him to the Dodgers.

Here is what they said:

Pete Mackanin: "I met Chooch in 2009 for the first time and immediately sensed that he was a special player. But more importantly, over the years I grew to know that he is a special person. I'll miss him."

Jamie Moyer: "Carlos not only was -- and is -- a good teammate, he learned how to become the leader he needed to be behind the plate running a pitching staff. As a teammate, he always had that Ruiz smile that we all have come to love!"

Ruben Amaro Jr.: "Carlos was and is one of my favorite players and people in the game. His story is spectacular. Carlos grew from being a young, shy prospect to being a vital part of what should be regarded as the finest core of Phillies players ever assembled. The memory of Carlos catching the last pitch of the 2008 season and making that dramatic last play in the playoffs against Cincinnati to preserve Doc's [Roy Halladay] postseason no-hitter will forever be imprinted in my mind and in my heart. I hope he gets another chance at October baseball."

Cole Hamels: "Carlos was such an important part of my growth as a pitcher. His preparation and instinct as a catcher set him apart as one of the best, and I feel fortunate to have pitched with him while we were teammates in Philadelphia. His positive clubhouse personality was infectious and he had great respect for the Phillies organization and the fans. He will leave behind a legacy for the catchers that come up through the Phillies' system on how to play 'the Phillie Way.'"

Brad Lidge: "Chooch's impact on Philly will never be forgotten. He was a legendary catcher and clutch hitter. No catcher took more pride in their pitcher's performances than he did. No one worked harder, no one cared more. He's a Phillie legend and one of the best teammates I've ever had."

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Rich Dubee: "It is good to see that Chooch got traded to a team that he had so much playoff success against. Carlos was a real leader and backbone of those winning pitching staffs."

Charlie Manuel: "Chooch came to the big leagues and worked hard to become a regular, frontline catcher, which is to be commended. He was easy to coach and fun to be around because he loves playing baseball. One of my great joys of managing the Phillies was being at the ballpark with Chooch. I hope he gets to play in the big leagues as long as he wants. We will all miss him in Philadelphia, but continue to root for him no matter what uniform he is in."

Chris Coste: "During his time with the Phillies there were plenty of superstars, but you could argue that Chooch was the most valuable. He was the rock, both on the field and in the clubhouse. Those of us behind the scenes were aware of his value, and although it took a few years, it was clear that the 'Phans' also knew what he meant to Philadelphia."

Roy Halladay: "Chooch was the little engine that could for a team loaded with big names, but no player was more valuable to the team as a whole then Carlos! He was so humble and grateful you couldn't help but just want to do anything for him including win! He flawlessly handled one of the greatest pitching staffs ever assembled and was just as important offensively, as well. It was nothing short of miraculous that he could handle so many different personalities and approaches on a day-to-day basis the way that he did.

"He was the best catcher I've ever thrown to and, in my opinion, the best catcher in baseball in the years I was with him. It's going to be sad to see him without a Phillies uniform on and not seeing him sitting in his chair in the clubhouse with a smile. And just the way the fans treated Chase last week, Chooch is also deserving of that hero's welcome. They are my two favorite players of all time as well as favorite teammates. I was fortunate to have both of them in the clubhouse. I want to wish good luck to Carlos. Maybe one day when we're old and gray we can come back to Philly!"

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