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Pitching staff adjusting to life without Price

ST. PETERSBURG -- Alex Cobb seemed taken aback when a reporter pointed out he was the senior member of the starting rotation since David Price got traded.

"That's weird that I'd be considered the veteran guy," Cobb said. "Feels like I just got here."

Despite his new standing, Cobb said he's not going to act or operate any differently.

"The feel in the clubhouse has been passed down to us," Cobb said. "It's been established many years ago. It's just our job to continue that. It's a good thing we've got going. I'd say the only thing that we have to do as a group, when we do have new guys coming in, just welcome them. Let them know that the No. 1 thing is to feel comfortable here. Nobody walks on eggshells around here.

"We're all a big group of friends that goes out and plays baseball. Now, with Drew [Smyly] coming in, we're trying to get that point across -- and it's going really smoothly. ... There's nothing more that you try to do. If you try to do more, you're setting yourself up for failure."

Cobb called Smyly "a great guy."

"Seems like he's going to fit in really well for us," Cobb said. "Just really down to earth. Doesn't take himself too seriously. I think that's the No. 1 thing you have to be able to do in this locker room is not try to be super serious. ... He's real down to earth. Acceptance of the Rays' clubhouse seems right up his alley."

Bill Chastain is a reporter for
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