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#PlayersChoiceCuts: Imports Dragon makes players look epic, go figure

After this season Big Papi may be gone, but thanks to Imports Dragon he won't be forgotten. 

After this season Big Papi may be gone, but thanks to Imports Dragon he won't be forgotten. 

Based in Boisbriand, Quebec, Imports Dragon, one of the MLBPA's newest licensees, is dedicated to making larger-than-life players into six-inch collectibles. With a selection of players varied enough to create a figurine dream team, Imports Dragon has something for everyone.

From Max Scherzer's pitching windup to Josh Donaldson's home-run swing, each of the figures realistically captures the players' in-game movements to help bring them to life.

Founded in 1998, Imports Dragon is one of the fastest-growing toy and game distributing and manufacturing companies in Canada. As a first-time MLBPA licensee this season, Imports Dragon doesn't let a single detail -- no matter how small -- go unnoticed.

Imports Dragon offers the players' home, away and alternate uniforms, as well as their personalized equipment. Andrew McCutchen's shin guard, cleats and batting gloves highlight the giant swing of the six-inch figure. Jose Altuve's arm band is placed right where you'd expect it on the shortstop's left arm. Even Jhonny Peralta's facial hair is trimmed to perfection, much like his batting stance.

It's as if Imports Dragon took the players right off the field and put them on your desk -- or shelf or night table or player shrine. In fact, they even fit perfectly among your grandmother's fine china cabinet. She is a Paul Goldschmidt fan, after all, right?

With their high-quality graphics and individualized Player details, Imports Dragon figures are sure to appeal to the youngest fans and veteran collectors alike.

In fact, everyone has a chance to get their fingers on a figure. Check out Imports Dragon's Facebook page for details on how you can participate in their latest giveaway contest.

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