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Ramos getting more action on two-seamer

ANAEIM -- Cesar Ramos credits a lot of his success to the action he gets on the ball when he throws his two-seam fastball.

"It's got like a running, sinking action," Ramos said. "For me, it's been huge. Especially since I've been in the Major Leagues. The movement I get on the Major League ball is so much different than what I got in the Minor Leagues."

Ramos demonstrated how he grabs the pitch by placing his fingers along the seams where they are narrow. He notes that the seams of the baseball are bigger in the Minor Leagues.

"Here, they're lower and tighter," Ramos said. "When I started throwing my two-seamer in the Major Leagues, it would sink and run. It goes down and in to a lefty and away from the righty. I've had a lot of success doing that with lefties and righties and it kind of sets up everything else."

Getting back to the ball, Ramos said making the transition from the Minor League ball to the Major League ball brings a huge learning curve in regard to the things a pitcher can do with each.

"Even the texture of the ball is different," Ramos said. "It's day and night. It really is. I just think your movement is different in the Major Leagues than it is in the Minor Leagues."

Ramos could feel the difference in the ball and once he began pitching in Major League games, he could see the difference.

"I started noticing, 'Hey, 'I threw that down and in to a lefty and he swung over it,'" Ramos said. "Whereas, before it was probably a foul ball."

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