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Myers finally hitting his stride at plate

ST. PETERSBURG -- Wil Myers finally seems to be getting on track. He went 6-for-9 with seven RBIs in Friday and Saturday night's games. Prior to that, he had just four RBIs.

"I'm not there yet, but it's a lot better," Myers said.

It's "all about confidence with all of these guys," according to Rays manager Joe Maddon.

"His confidence is being picked up, right now, because of those performances -- and you're seeing the ball going up and not rolling over," Maddon said. "The timing's getting there."

Earlier, Maddon had noted that Myers wasn't putting the ball in the air, which contributed to the slugger's slump. Now that Myers is getting the ball in the air again, Maddon was asked why he had not been doing so.

"A lot of it is jumping at the ball," Maddon said. "You're getting out too quick on the front side. And when you do that, your bat is going to lag behind and you're going to play catch up at the end and roll it over."

Maddon complimented Myers for handling his struggles well.

"And beyond that, too, for the most part, he's chasing less," Maddon said. "And that speaks to, for the most part, staying back, seeing the ball longer."

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