Reds, TriHealth honor 'Frontline All-Stars'

Banners at Great American Ball Park recognize essential workers

October 20th, 2020

By every measure, 2020 has been a challenging and unprecedented year with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the consistent bright spots during a difficult six months has been the unrelenting efforts and steadfast dedication to service by our nation’s frontline workers.

In Cincinnati, we have essential service workers spanning every sector that have maintained operations throughout the pandemic. We continue to benefit from individuals who put the needs of others before their own. From public safety and healthcare to education, critical manufacturing and so much more, we are in debt to the many people who have helped us persevere through these extraordinary times.

The Cincinnati Reds wanted to honor their corporate partners who are part of these essential services that have continued operating throughout the duration of the virus. Noticing what their peers in the Steel City had done -- the Pirates installed banners outside PNC Park to publicly recognize healthcare workers in Pittsburgh -- the Reds and TriHealth wanted to take it a step further.

Working with their medical partners at TriHealth, the Reds organization expanded this program to include a broader selection of “heroes” to honor. TriHealth and the Reds selected sectors from Ohio’s essential services list to feature on 20 banners displayed along the northern walkway at Great American Ball Park. Thus, the Frontline All-Stars presented by TriHealth was born.

“TriHealth is very excited to partner with the Cincinnati Reds in presenting the Cincinnati Reds Frontline All-Stars Program,” TriHealth director of community relations Jeanette Altenau said. “It’s an honor for us to recognize each of these frontline workers who represent essential services sectors that continued to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. TriHealth and the Cincinnati Reds share a deep-rooted history of commitment to this community -- and both organizations know that these Frontline All-Stars made all the difference to our community in 2020.”

While there is no way to acknowledge everyone on the frontlines by name, each banner features the photo of an employee who serves as a representative of all the “heroes” from that line of service, which include: healthcare, public safety, grocery, restaurants, food manufacturing, energy, waste management & recycling, postal services, transportation, military, critical manufacturing, education and information technology.

“We are so grateful for the sacrifices made by the employees in the essential services businesses that continued operating throughout this pandemic,” Reds president and chief operating officer Phil Castellini said. “Honoring their efforts as our Frontline All-Stars along this public walkway at Great American Ball Park gives everyone a chance to share in our appreciation for their help.”

While everyone continues adapting to the new normal, it is important to remember that the individuals at these select businesses and so many others are still working on the frontlines, providing essential services and keeping us safe. The Reds encourage all fans in Reds Country to thank and voice their support for these workers and look forward to fans having an opportunity to see the banners up close when they return to the ballpark.