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Replay confirms that Dodgers threw out Trout

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Dodgers were involved in their first replay review of the exhibition season Thursday against the Angels.

In the bottom of the first inning, Angels outfielder Mike Trout hit a sinking liner that Dodgers centerfielder Yasiel Puig missed with a diving attempt.

"Just not the right play," Mattingly said of Puig's dive.

The ball bounced to the fence and Puig hustled after it, hitting cutoff man Hanley Ramirez with the throw. The shortstop relayed to catcher A.J. Ellis, who took the throw in the right-handed hitter's batter's box and reached down to tag Trout.

Third-base umpire Patrick Hoberg rotated to make the out call at the plate. Angels manager Mike Scioscia came out to argue. After a huddle of umpires, the call was reviewed and upheld, with Trout ruled out.

"That was an umpire challenge because he questioned [Rule] 7.13, which is blocking the plate," said crew chief Gerry Davis. "The first thing we look at when there's an umpire challenge is whether he's blocking the plate or not, or if the runner deviates from his path trying to score. But once we go for that reason, we can review the whole play."

Ellis said he did not impede Trout's path to the plate.

"I was playing the baseball," he said. "I have to play the baseball. What am I supposed to do, let it go? You can't camp out on the plate without the ball. I gave the runner a lane to score."

Scioscia said he challenged the call on the tag and a perceived blocking of the plate. "The whole play," he said. "The catcher can't be in the path of the runner until he has the ball, and I think he was. And then also if the tag was on time or not. So there were two parts to look at." Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was still a little hazy on what took place.

"It's interesting. Everybody's got a different take," he said. "Mike went one way, the umpires came back a little bit different. On [Sunday], the umpires will come to our place and we'll talk about it more. It's going to be a bit crazy.

"At first it seemed like a challenge on the tag, but they went to look at the whole thing. We understand they can look at the whole play. It ended up it didn't count as a challenge. The plays at the plate will be tough ones."

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