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Rockies Give Todd Helton a Horse

I just wrote about how the Rockies mowed the number 17 into their outfield as a tribute to Todd Helton's last home game. But check out this personal thank you to Helton. We've seen Mohawk Guy before and are big fans, but this is just unreal. I still don't understand how he does this. Maybe I'm not meant to. But I do know this. If there's a cooler mohawk tribute to Todd Helton, I haven't seen it.

And the honoring didn't stop with Mohawk Guy. The Rockies gave Helton a horse. Like a real, live horse. I didn't know I ever wanted a horse, but I want a horse. Just such a one-of-a-kind gift. Crazy. 

And to follow all of that up, Helton hit a home run in his first at-bat. Have a day, Helton. Have a day.