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Ryan Howard: The MLB Fan Cave Interview

Philadelphia Phillies star first baseman Ryan Howard recently answered fans' questions submitted via Facebook during a visit to the MLB Fan Cave. Howard was also nice enough to answer some questions for us, discussing style, his acting/music skills, and the biggest pranksters on the Phillies.

MLB Fan Cave (FC): What’s up, Ryan? How are you today?

Ryan Howard (RH): Ah, man. Just relaxing. Enjoying.

FC: How do you like the MLB Fan Cave?

RH: You know what? It’s interesting. It’s really, really cool. We just came from downstairs and this whole thing, just the whole setup, is awesome. I like how they have the tattoo table, the DJ booth. It’s got everything.

FC: Alright, we had Chase Utley here earlier and asked him who the better dresser was between the two of you. He actually was giving you some serious props on your vests. He said you have a vest collection.

RH: Yeah, I got a mean business banker game going right now with the vest collection. I mean we all kind of hold our own dress wise. But yeah, I try to come with it when I can.

FC: Back in high school, you were in the marching band as a trombone player. Still got any skills?

RH: You know what? I haven’t touched my trombone since my junior year of high school so I may be able to play a scale but other than that, that might be the peak of my musical career right there.

FC: What about acting? You made a cameo on "Entourage" and "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Is acting something that you would consider pursuing after you retire from baseball?

RH: You never know. It was a lot of fun doing it. It was something that is definitely out of my element. If the opportunities present themselves, you never know. Maybe I could take them and maybe run with that.

FC: Had you ever done much acting before?

RH: No. I mean I’ve done some commercials and stuff like that, but getting into "Entourage" and Sunny, those were a lot of fun. It was just different. It’s fun to see all of the stuff that takes place and goes on behind the scenes in the acting world.

FC: Did you have any favorite actors growing up or any now?

RH: Man, I’ve always been a Denzel Washington fan and am still a huge Samuel L. Jackson fan.

FC: So, we always have a bunch of fans asking about pranks. We know you guys had an epic prank a few years back. Any recent pranks worth sharing?

RH: I mean, they're always cracking jokes in the clubhouse. I mean the epic prank that we pulled on Kyle Kendrick a couple years ago.

FC: Were you a part of that, by the way?

RH: Everybody was just playing his role. I think that was more Brett Meyers, who helped really orchestrate the entire thing and everybody else played along. Even his agent was involved. That was huge. But I mean there hasn’t been anything else along those lines lately. But as a team we usually have a good time. We’re cracking jokes on each other all the time. The best we can get. I think Carlos Ruiz is going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, so I’m sure we’ll let him know about that.

FC: Chase actually mentioned that Ryan Madson is kind of the jokester on the team.

RH: Yeah, Ryan Madson is probably the biggest prankster on the team, with Shane Victorino probably in a close second.

FC: Who’s the toughest pitcher you’ve ever faced?

RH: For some reason, I’ve had trouble against Darren Oliver, and I guess I would always have some trouble against Oliver Perez. So I don’t know if it's just people with the name Oliver or what it is, but those are two guys that I have had some trouble with in the past.

FC: So you’ve done a few commercials with Subway. Do you have a favorite Subway sandwich?

RH: I do roast beef. I’m a straight-up roast beef guy. Sometimes I diversify that portfolio and go with a meatball or something like that.

FC: Do you have any players on other teams that you are a fan of?

RH: I’m a big Prince Fielder fan. That dude is hilarious, by the way. I’m an Adrian Gonzalez fan. Even though you’re playing in the game, you are still fans of some of the other guys. You are watching those guys do what they do on the regular and sometimes you kind of get caught up in what it is that they do. So, I definitely love watching those guys play and how they carry themselves on the field.

FC: We understand that you’re the tiniest of your brothers. What was it like being the big guy in public and going home and being the little guy?

RH: Oh, man, I tell people that all the time. I’m the smallest of my brothers. I have a twin brother who is a couple of inches taller than me and my older brother is about an inch, maybe half an inch, taller. It’s funny kind of seeing people’s faces because they can’t really grasp it until they see me around my brothers and they see that I am the smallest of the three.

FC: Ryan, thank you so much for your time today. We really appreciate it. Best of luck the rest of the season.

RH: Thank you.

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