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Samuel Deduno pregame interview March 13

Q. Just your thoughts on being able to pitch against the United States tomorrow night in the WBC.

SAMUEL DEDUNO: I'm really happy. I thank God. I know that it'll be a great challenge tomorrow playing against the United States. I'm ready to give 100 percent.

Q. There are a lot of teams that you will face in the WBC. Being with the Minnesota Twins, you have a familiarity with some of the names in their lineup. Does that help you tomorrow night?

SAMUEL DEDUNO: Really, yes. That team is a great team. When I faced Spain, I did the same thing. I will do the same thing to concentrate on my pitching and go ahead.

Q. Are you enjoying the camaraderie with all your teammates and the excitement that's been coming with every game?

SAMUEL DEDUNO: I feel very happy, very grateful, and the team is really united and having fun.  As you said, this is the first Classic for me, and I feel very grateful, and all the guys are really united.