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Student Excused with Red Sox Fever

We saw a young Pirates fan get dismissed from school because of Bucco Fever, and it looks like this epidemic is now reaching young Red Sox fans. The kid with Red Sox Fever is only missing recess (which is awesome) and choice time (which I've never heard of), which would have been either chess or drawing. No offense to either of those activities, but I'm picking a Postseason game at Fenway over them every single day of the week. Especially if Fenway has the cure to Red Sox Fever. I just hope once he's cured he gives his mom a huge hug because this is the coolest thing ever.

The note:

Dear Jude,

Please allow Brian to be dismissed at 11:45 a.m. - he has Red Sox fever and needs to visit Fenway for the cure. Please note if they lose today and tomorrow please expect grumpy child syndrome to be present on Monday.

Fondly, Kerri

(the insane baseball mom)