Tulo's advice to injured Travis: 'Be positive'

Veteran shortstop can relate to being frustrated by DL stints

June 7th, 2017

OAKLAND -- If there's one player who can relate to what is going through it's . That's one reason he intends to keep an eye on the 26-year-old second baseman.

An emotional Travis met with the media on Tuesday afternoon after it was revealed that he has been diagnosed with a bone bruise and cartilage damage in his right knee. A timetable for his return won't be known for another couple of days, but it's not expected to be a quick rehab.

Tulowitzki has experienced more than his fair share of injuries over the years as well, and when asked if he had words of wisdom to share with the clearly devastated Travis, he did not hesitate to offer up some advice.

"It's easy to shut it down and say, 'Here we go again,'" Tulowitzki said. "But if you have that negative attitude, it will haunt you throughout your entire career. Be positive, believe that you can come back even stronger. You'll have a nice career, and he'll accomplish what he wants to accomplish in this game.

"He'll be a person that young guys that have injuries will be able to go and ask, 'How did you deal with it?' You have to be unselfish. It's not about you, you're always trying to help others. From the times I got hurt, it was because I was able to talk to other players about injuries and try to get them better."

Toronto's roster has gone through a seemingly endless list of injuries this season. There have been 18 separate disabled list assignments that have affected 15 players, which is second only to the Dodgers for most in the Major Leagues. This is the first time that Travis has hit the DL this season, but it's certainly not the first time he has gone through this type of issue.

Travis' rookie season in 2015 was cut short because of a chronic left shoulder condition that required surgery. Last year, his American League Championship Series came to an end before the first game was even over because of a similar knee injury to the one he is dealing with now. That one required surgery, and while it's too early to say whether this one will as well, it's clearly another troubling setback that Tulowitzki can relate to.

"You feel for a kid like that," Tulowitzki said. "He's such a good kid, you guys know that. It's really sad. I am a true believer that things happen for a reason, and I think he will learn from this. I think he will get better. He has an uphill battle, but if anybody can do it, he definitely can. He's a special player, man. We're going to miss him. I'll be talking to him. Trying to keep him upbeat, but it's just unfortunate is the best way to put it."