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Washington doesn't expect replay changes

ARLINGTON -- Five days after being ejected for arguing an instant replay call, Rangers manager Ron Washington said his understanding is that the interpretation of the "transfer rule" won't be changed any time soon.
"I've got this letter and it didn't say anything in it about adjusting anything," Washington said, waving a document printed on Major League Baseball letterhead. "The letter said we've got to teach infielders not to be too quick and we've got to teach infielders not to be too careless."
Washington, among others, had previously expressed his disagreement with the rule, which requires a fielder to maintain control of the ball throughout the transfer from his glove to his throwing hand, even if that transfer doesn't happen in the immediate instant after the catch.
Washington said MLB is keeping teams up to date on developments related to the instant replay system, which debuted this season.
MLB's memo was "a general letter of how the review system has been working and adjustments that have to be made both with them and with us -- us means from our general manager down to the players," Washington said. "They did tell us, once a month we'll get a review on how things are going and the direction that it's moving in and the adjustments that probably have to be made."
Washington said in general, he's content with the replay system. And the manager who once paid a $200 fine in pennies also joked that his career would be over if he got fined again.
"I'm not questioning the review rule," he said. "I'd probably get sent home if I sent pennies in that amount."

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