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Inbox: Any updates on Jimenez, Robert?

Beat reporter Scott Merkin answers fans' questions @scottmerkin

CHICAGO -- Here are this week's White Sox inquiries. Happy Thanksgiving to all and good luck to Michigan football this weekend.

Do you see Eloy Jimenez breaking camp with the team?
-- Mike, Los Angeles, @filmreviewbyme

CHICAGO -- Here are this week's White Sox inquiries. Happy Thanksgiving to all and good luck to Michigan football this weekend.

Do you see Eloy Jimenez breaking camp with the team?
-- Mike, Los Angeles, @filmreviewbyme

Jimenez will play the majority of the 2019 season at the Major League level for the White Sox: This point, I can all but guarantee. As far as leaving with the team from Spring Training, Chicago's top prospect and No. 3 in baseball according to MLB Pipeline will need to fulfill the checklist the White Sox have to be ready for that promotion. He certainly will receive consideration.

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Do you think the White Sox should spend big in this year's free agency or wait a year or two when the team is more ready to win?
-- Andrew, @supersoxfan79

Chicago will spend via free agency this offseason to improve the team, although I'm not sure that spending will result in Bryce Harper or Manny Machado as the fans desire. The White Sox will be in on these sorts of All-Star players even if they don't view 2019 as the beginning of their contention window.

I agree with general manager Rick Hahn in that the team must be opportunistic within this market and if the players they target as a key part of their planned championship-contending future are available now, then they need to try to make a move. Harper or Machado would greatly improve any team, but they don't absolutely guarantee Chicago taking the next step up with its talented young core. The White Sox need to find the right veteran fits, be it through trade or free agency.

With (Luis) Robert's great play in the AFL, any chance he gets a callup next year?
-- Roger, Nashville, Tenn., @Soxsupporter1

I've heard nothing but positive reports concerning Luis Robert dating back to Spring Training, describing the outfielder as a high-end albeit raw talent with five-tool capabilities shown in part during Arizona Fall League action. He just needs to stay healthy after being limited to 186 at-bats and 50 games during his first full Minor League season in 2018. The White Sox have been very consistent in not rushing prospects, despite the "hype" or good reports, and the same will hold true for Robert, their fourth-ranked prospect. But I see Robert as a fast mover through the system with a '20 arrival as a possibility.

Video: Luis Robert wins Fall League Hitter of the Week

Do you think it was the right thing extending Rick Renteria's contract? Since he's been the manager for the White Sox, it has been all losing seasons. I believe that part of a rebuilding process should also involve managers and coaches that are not doing well not just players. What do you think?
-- Ray, Chicago

Blaming Renteria and/or the coaching staff for the team's 100 losses last season means the context is being lost of the entire rebuild process. There were and are going to be multiple lean years as these players develop. No manager or staff is perfect, but players respond to Renteria and his staff, and this is a hard-working, well-prepared group. Renteria deserves a chance to win as this team matures.

With all the hype about getting Machado, where does that leave Tim Anderson since the former has indicated his preference to remain at short?
-- Joel K., Charlotte, N.C.

I've been asked numerous questions about an Anderson position switch. I've written about it as well, as I discussed in the last Inbox. But Anderson is the White Sox shortstop because he has earned that job and made himself into a solid defensive presence. He is entrenched in this organization. Let's see what offseason moves Chicago makes before any position changes are discussed.

Video: CHC@CWS: Anderson makes a smooth backhanded play

Top 10 Eagles songs: 1) Take It Easy; 2) Hotel California; 3) Victim Of Love; 4) Heartache Tonight; 5) On The Border; 6) Already Gone; 7) James Dean; 8) Life In The Fast Lane; 9) Good Day In Hell; 10) Greeks Don't Want No Freaks. Your thoughts?
-- Vinnie, Chicago, @VinnieDuber

This is the toughest question of the group because there really is no bad Eagles song. I'm going to go with my Top 5 in order: Take it Easy, Already Gone, Take it to the Limit, How Long and One of These Nights ... and anything performed by Joe Walsh is exceptional and worth the price of admission.

Scott Merkin has covered the White Sox for since 2003. Follow him on Twitter @scottmerkin and Facebook and listen to his podcast.

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