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White Sox to Unveil #SoxSocial Lounge

I may be a bit biased, but the Chicago White Sox are an awesome team that does awesome things. This includes fully embracing social media with their once-a-month #SoxSocial nights, which include special giveaways and discounted tickets.

This Monday, May 20, the White Sox will take this one step further by unveiling the #SoxSocial Lounge. The first of its kind in Major League Baseball, it will allow fans to connect on & off the field with the team. The lounge features multiple TVs, streaming social media feeds and TVs with the game telecast.

The Lounge will also feature cell phone charging stations along with a lounge atmosphere for fans to relax. I personally think it's an awesome feature that's long overdue in major league ballparks. I'm interested to see what other teams pick up this social aspect to the game.