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MLB's top GIFs show Puig's sensational play

Here are the Top 7 GIFs of the day, courtesy of @MLBGifs.

1. Puig catches and crashes into the wall

Here are the Top 7 GIFs of the day, courtesy of @MLBGifs.

1. Puig catches and crashes into the wall

Another day, another game, another example of Yasiel Puig going all out for a ball and yet another amazing play.

Gif: Yasiel Puig with a leaping catch at Rockies

2. Gomez snaps the bat over his leg

Houston's Carlos Gomez was frustrated Sunday, going 0-for-5 with three strikeouts vs. the Red Sox.

Gif: Gomez breaks bat in slow motion

3. Sad Cervelli

Don't be too bummed for Francisco Cervelli. He got over it quick, with a pinch-hit and his Pirates rallying to beat the D-backs in 13.

Gif: Cervelli stares on top dugout step

4. Bryce's clutch pinch-hit homer with fans bowing down to him

Sure, Bryce Harper's the reigning National League Most Valuable Player Award winner, but a game-tying pinch-hit homer in the ninth for his ninth long ball with a week left in April? That's ridiculous.

Gif: Bryce Harper home run and fan reaction

5. Bryce OMG moment in the dugout

Harper going nuts for his Nats is no surprise, not when their 16th-inning win over the Twins might not have happened without his blast in the ninth.

Gif: Harper OMG

6. Brett Lawrie on the bullpen phone

Pssst! Hey! Bullpen! It's me, Robin Ven ... uh ... Brett Lawrie! Get somebody up quick!

Gif: Brett Lawrie on the phone

7. Toronto fan takes ball from girl and drops it (on purpose)

Dropping a baseball from the stands onto the field and apparently not caring about it ... the new relationship-builder, Toronto-style.

Gif: Fan tosses home run ball back

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