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Oct. 30 Yordano Ventura postgame interview

Q. How aware were you that your velocity was down? And was there a root cause of that?

YORDANO VENTURA: I don't know why. I just noticed when I came in, I saw the radar or looked at some video. I feel great. Felt great out there, I don't know why my velocity was down.

Q. Do you think that affected the results tonight, not being able to get the normal fastball velocity that you normally get?

YORDANO VENTURA: I think it was more of just commanding my pitches, making sure that I was executing my pitches, and I didn't do that tonight. A lot of pitches were just coming back over the middle of the plate, and that's what happens when you leave them up.

Q. What happened on the ground ball to the right side and you didn't cover first?

YORDANO VENTURA: My instinct was to watch the ball right there and kind of just look at Hoz and see if he was going to go home or something, and just got caught watching the play.

Q. Ned mentioned the cold weather, was that an impact at all on you?

YORDANO VENTURA: The cold wasn't a factor at all. I felt great out there. I don't know why the velocity was down. It was just part of it, I guess, but I felt good and the cold wasn't a factor at all.

Q. With the chance to go up 3-0 in the series, how disappointing was it to have this kind of an outing?

YORDANO VENTURA: I don't feel good at all. I had a chance to put the team 3-0 and I didn't do that. But I'll wake up tomorrow ready to cheer on my guys on the team and it's just part of it. We're still up 2-1.

Q. Do you think you guys can finish the series off here or it will go back to Kansas City?

YORDANO VENTURA: I think we can finish it off right here. There's two more games here and I know that we can with get it done here. We play hard and I don't expect it to go back to Kansas City, so we're going to try to finish it off here.