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Yost preparing for steady dose of Interleague Play

PHILADELPHIA -- With the Astros' move to the American League giving each league 15 teams, Interleague Play will be a season-long occurrence. It's something Royals manager Ned Yost understands, but also something that will create some interesting situations over the course of the season.

Simply put, AL teams are built differently due to the designated hitter, and the difference is magnified in National League parks when teams such as the Royals have to sit one of their regulars.

"We play Interleague the second series of the year," Yost said. "We go home for two series and then another Interleague one. Then another one in a month. Another one a month from that. It's a little more drawn out, and it is what it is, so you play them."

Included in the Royals' NL foes in the coming months are the Braves and Cardinals.

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