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Birdland Memberships Giveaway Package

Birdland Members are eligible to purchase a 2019 Giveaway Package. Get 20 Orioles giveaways for just $199 including:

1st Shipment July
(All-Star Break):

  • Star Wars Night BB-8 Beanie
  • "There's No Crying in Baseball" Shirt
  • Mother's Day Infinity Bracelet
  • Orioles Outdoor Pint Glasses
  • 5/31 Orioles T-Shirt
  • Orioles Retro Sunglasses  
  • Crab Hat
  • Father's Day Fedora
  • Oriole Bird Nutcracker
  • Orioles Floppy Hat
  • Orioles Maryland Flag Replica Jersey  

2nd Shipment October
(End of Season):

  • Birdland Hawaiian Shirt
  • Brooks Robinson Bobblehead
  • Hot Dog Race Shirt
  • Topps Card Pack
  • Orioles Cap
  • '89 "Why Not?" T-Shirt
  • Dashboard Hula Bird
  • Orioles Sherpa Blanket
  • 9/22 Orioles T-Shirt

To purchase a 2019 Giveaway Package, Birdland Members should contact their Personal Account Representative. At the time of purchase, you will be able to specify your desired size for all of the wearable items. Size options are Medium or Extra Large. Selected size is for all wearable giveaways. Fans cannot vary sizes by specific items. 

Limit one giveaway package per Birdland Membership account. Supplies are limited and this offer is subject to availability. Giveaway items will be mailed out in two shipments: one shipment in early July and one shipment at the conclusion of the season.