Padres reveal lineup of 2017 uniforms

November 22nd, 2016

SAN DIEGO -- The 2017 season is inching closer, and the Padres have already unveiled a new look for the upcoming campaign.

San Diego released its uniforms for the 2017 season via a Twitter video Tuesday afternoon. The new look features one major change and a few minor tweaks. The biggest alteration: Yellow has been removed from the color scheme.

The club had added yellow before the 2016 campaign as a special feature for its season as All-Star hosts. The '17 jerseys will feature the simple blue-and-white look that has been prominent over the past decade.

Also gone is the interlocking "SD" on the front of the Padres' home jerseys, replaced with "Padres" in blue lettering. The interlocking SD does show up -- both home and away -- as a patch on the left sleeve.

Aside from the patch, the primary away uniform -- a gray jersey with "San Diego" enscribed across the chest -- remains largely unchanged, as do the blue road alternates.

As for the team's home alternate uniforms, Fridays will see the return of 2016's brown-and-yellow jerseys. Meanwhile, select Wednesday games -- those deemed "Way Back Wednesday" -- will feature throwbacks to the blue and orange of the 1990s.

On Sundays, the team will continue its tradition of wearing camoflauge jerseys for military appreciation. But in 2017, the Marine camoflauge will take precedent over the Navy camoflauge worn in '16. The Navy digital camoflauge will likely be worn twice -- on Navy Appreciation Day and one other Sunday.