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Parade Tips

Parade Tips from Phillies Players and Coaching Staff


Scott Eyre

"Unleash your inner child and enjoy the moment like it's Christmas."

Shane Victorino

"We all had fun in '08 sharing our World Series victory with that great city and its fans. Time for you to do the same, Eagles. Congrats on bringing the city of Philadelphia its first Super Bowl! FLY, EAGLES, FLY!"



Kyle Kendrick

"Congratulations to the Eagles organization on winning the championship! Make sure to invite your wives on to the float!"

Clay Condrey

"When the fans throw you a beer on the float, pop the top and toast with them. And don't forget the earplugs!"



Brett Myers

"Keep your eyes open for people with coolers and throwing beer to you. Just beware of the beer bottles. You'd better have good hands!

Chad Durbin

"We are bred as professional athletes to keep our composure and 'act like we've been there before,' but when it comes to winning a World Championship in Philadelphia - soak in every moment, hug your family while millions of people cheer you on and embrace this like the kid who dreamed of this moment his whole life! E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!! Congrats!"



Greg Dobbs

"To the entire Eagles organization and the great city of Philadelphia: cherish this moment for eternity. Once a champion, always a champion. This can never be taken away from you! Take it all in boys, because the city is about to unleash its unwavering dedication and respect for the best football team in the world, THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!"

Geoff Jenkins

"Congrats to the Eagles, you all just became legends in Philadelphia!"

Parade Tips from Phillies Executives


Chris from Entertainment

"Enjoy the moment! Share the joy with your families and co-workers and feel the love of the Eagles from all of the fans in Philadelphia. You worked hard ~ you deserve it!"

Matt from Sales

"Parade day is obviously a day you never forget; a day you always hoped would happen but were never sure would; and a day you wish for again with no guarantee. Everything happens so quickly- the day flies by and that night you wonder where it all went. When you're heading down Broad Street, take a moment to reflect on the journey you and your colleagues experienced, not only during this championship season, but since your start with the organization. Take a few deep breaths and admire the emotion on the faces of your dedicated fan base who make all of this possible. Finally, don't forget to share the moment with your loved ones who support you every day, win or lose, even if they aren't riding next to you on that float. Parade day is the reason you work in sports, and it doesn't get any better."



Kevin from Sales

"Take a minute to soak it all in without the help of your phone. Trust me - you'll never forget the sight or the feeling when that float makes its first turn and the sea of people opens up. There will be enough of your talented colleagues taking pictures and video. Just share it with all of those people on the float next to you that know what it's like to lose 12 games in a season, go through a rebuild, work on holidays, have tough losses and now get to experience the joy of winning this city its first Super Bowl. Oh, and definitely bring a parade survival kit full of snacks, a phone charger and some cold ones."