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Phillies alumni wax nostalgic about favorite teammates
Right fielder Johnny Callison was Tony Taylor's favorite teammate. Other Phillies alumni reveal their favorite teammate and why.

Dick Allen
"My favorite teammate with the Phillies was Tony Taylor. I admired and respected Tony's knowledge of the game; his head was always in the game. We had a special communication on the field. There was never a doubt what should be the next play. Tony was first class on and off the field.

"My favorite player of all time is Ernie Banks. The best player I ever saw is Willie Mays. Hank Aaron is the greatest player of all time. Hank could do it all. Hank could run, throw, we know he could hit, anything needed to get the job done. He did it softly."

Larry Andersen
"David West was my best teammate, and we played together [from] 1993-94. He is one of the funniest people I've met in my life, and he was very adept at making sure I got dinner just about every night. Only problem was that his dinner hour was generally between 3 and 4 a.m."

Marty Bystrom
"Dickie Noles. First met him in my first Spring Training in 1977. We came up through the Minors together and have been good friends ever since."

Don Carman
"My favorite teammate was Michael Jack Schmidt. Few people were more inspirational to me. He clearly had more opportunities to do that due to the status he held as a player in the NL and being one of the best third basemen in the history of the game. I learned more about people from him than any other teammate. He persevered when most would have given into anger and resentment. As Harvey Dorfman always said to me, 'Trying times do not create character, they reveal it.' I have great respect for Mike's character."

Terry Harmon
"Bull (Greg Luzinski). Our wives are friends and our kids are of similar ages. Grew up together and still play golf and fish once in a while."

Dave Hollins
"That's a tough question. Really had a lot of great teammates. Don't want to offend anyone by singling out one or two."

Ricky Jordan
"Charlie Hayes, Milt Thompson, Juan Samuel, John Kruk. All were fun guys for me to be around off the field. Down to earth, real people."

Sixto Lezcano
"Pete Rose. When I was traded to the Phillies in 1983, Pete gave me shirts, shoes and made me feel at home. All he wanted to do is win."

Mickey Morandini
"Kevin Stocker. We had the same mentality and really played well together."

Bob Oldis
"I liked everyone, but Richie Allen could hit them as far and high with that heavy bat. He could thrill us all. So, maybe, he would be my favorite one."

Dick Ruthven
"Jim Lonborg. He tried to explain the big leagues to a guy just off a college campus."

Tony Taylor
"Johnny Callison. Not only was he a great player, but a good friend and a great human being."

Kent Tekulve
"Bedrock (Steve Bedrosian). His Cy Young Award season was so much fun to watch."

Del Unser
"Had a lot of favorite teammates on the '80 team. GG (Greg Gross) would stand out as a good friend."

Bobby Wine
"Tough call. Hung out with Johnny Callison and John Herrnstein on the road. We all had the same interests. Knew Chris Short the longest, as we both broke in rookie ball in Johnson City, Tenn., in 1957. One of my favorite roommates was Roy Sievers, a great person. We had a lot of fun."

Larry Shenk is the vice president of Alumni Relations for the Phillies.