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Phillies' single-game hitting records (nine innings)

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Most At-Bats (7)
Russ Wrightstone, 8/25/1922 vs. CHI
Rick Schu, 6/11/1985, vs. NYM
Juan Samuel, 6/11/1985, vs. NYM
Jimmy Rollins, 7/15/2006, at SF
Shane Victorino, 7/17/2007, at LAD
Shane Victorino, 6/13/2008, at STL

Most Runs (6)
John Titus, 6/4/1912, vs. PIT
Denny Sothern, 6/6/1930, vs. CIN
Lou Chiozza, 4/19/1935, vs. NYG
Don Demeter, 9/12/1961, at LAD
John Kruk, 8/10/1989, at CHI
Mariano Duncan, 5/3/1992, at SF
Jimmy Rollins, 8/2/2006, at STL
Shane Victorino, 7/6/2009, vs. CIN

Most Hits (6)
Connie Ryan, 4/16/1953, at PIT

Most Doubles (4)
Sherry Magee, 6/17/1914, vs. STL
Gavvy Cravath, 8/6/1915, at CIN
Gavvy Cravath, 6/23/1919, vs. BOS
Denny Sothern, 6/6/1930, vs. CIN
Dick Bartell, 4/25/1933, vs. BOS*
Willie Jones, 4/20/1949, at BOS*

Most Triples (3)
Harry Wolverton, 7/13/1900, at PIT

Most Home Runs (3)
20 times; last: Jayson Werth, 5/16/2008, vs. TOR

Most Total Bases (13)
John Moore, 7/22/1936, vs. PIT
Don Demeter, 9/12/1961, at LAD
Johnny Callison, 6/6/1965, second game, at CHI
Mike Lieberthal, 8/10/2002, at LAD
Ryan Howard, 9/3/2006, first game, vs. ATL
Ryan Howard, 6/18/2007, vs. MIN

Most Runs Batted In (8)
Kitty Bransfield, 7/11/1910, at PIT
Gavvy Cravath, 8/8/15, at CIN
Willie Jones, 8/20/1958, at STL
Jayson Werth, 5/16/2008, vs. TOR

Most Sacrifice Hits (3)
Richie Ashburn, 4/25/1953, vs. PIT
Danny Jackson, 7/31/93, vs. PIT
Chad Ogea, 7/29/1999, vs. FLA

Most Sacrifice Flies (2)
Held by many; last: Jimmy Rollins, 9/2/2006, second game, vs. ATL

Most Walks (5)
Dick Allen, 8/16/1968, vs. SF
Von Hayes, 6/6/1990, at STL
Ryan Howard, 7/30/06, first game, vs. FLA

Most Hit By Pitch (3)
Chase Utley, 4/8/2008, at NYM

Most Strikeouts (5)
Dick Allen, 6/28/1964, first game, at STL
Scott Rolen, 8/23/1999, vs. SD
Pat Burrell, 9/16/2008, at ATL

Most Stolen Bases (4)
Sherry Magee, 7/12/1906, at STL
Sherry Magee, 8/31/1906, vs. NYG
Garry Maddox, 5/29/1978, vs. PIT
Jayson Werth, 5/12/2009, vs. LAD

Most Grounded Into Double Plays (3)
Hal Irelan, 9/15/14, vs. BOS
Roy Hughes, 9/5/1939, vs. NYG
Richie Ashburn, 6/28/59, vs. SF
Johnny Estrada, 5/30/2001, at NYM
Ryan Howard, 4/10/2009, at COL
Placido Polanco, 6/25/2010, at TOR

Larry Shenk is the vice president of alumni relations for the Phillies.

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