This tag is so smooth, you have to watch it on repeat

June 22nd, 2022

When you think about impressive baseball tags, chances are the first player who pops into your head is Javier Báez and the difficult, jaw-dropping tags he’s pulled off over the years.

Well, it’s time to start thinking about , too.

On Tuesday, Camargo staked his claim for tag of the year with a spinning tag to nab Nathaniel Lowe before he could steal second.

The play came in the bottom of the seventh inning of the Phillies' 7-0 loss. Texas catcher Jonah Heim had a full count with one out, which led to manager Chris Woodward putting Lowe in motion. After Heim swung and missed on a Jeurys Familia fastball, J.T. Realmuto fired a throw that went to the left of the second-base bag, which led to Camargo having to turn away from the base to catch the throw.

As Lowe slid into the base, Camargo spun around on his side and slapped his glove on the ground to prevent Lowe from reaching the base, completing one of the more impressive strike-'em-out, throw-'em-out double plays you’ll see.

Tuesday’s game was Camargo first action since he was activated off the injured list earlier Tuesday. Batting .239 with 15 RBIs in 45 games for the Phillies, Camargo has played first, second, third and shortstop this year and has yet to commit an error.