Baseball lingo

February 24th, 2021

With very few games on television when I was a kid, my connection to the Phillies began with By Saam and Gene Kelly on radio. For many generations the most popular duo was Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn. They first began in the booth in 1971, along with Saam.

What follows is intended to be light-hearted, not a dig all my many broadcaster friends through the years. The game’s own lingo.

We understand it, but imagine a Martian who lands on earth in Jupiter, Fla., and turns on the TV and hears:

“There’s a punch shot to left field.”

“Outfielders are having a tough time with this high sky today.”

“The pitcher hides the ball behind his hip.”

“There’s a lazy fly ball to shallow center field.”

“Check swing, there’s a floater to first”

“At 0-2, the hitter is in the hole.”

“Chad has been in hot water since the first inning.”

“Bobby swings and beats the ball into the ground.”

“The 1-2 pitch, Larry swings and squirts it foul.” (Obviously Larry as in Andersen)

“He checks his swing.”

“This guy is more of a banjo-type hitter.”

“Grounder to second, Greg gobbles it up.”

“Hot shot to third, Willie fires a rocket to first base.”

“Jimmy is digging in at home plate.”

“Juan trapped that ball.”

“Here’s the pitch, Raul hammered it ...”

“Looks like they caught him napping at first.”

“Nothing but goose eggs for the home team today.”

“He took him yard.”

“And that twin killing will end the inning.”

“He got in his kitchen.”

And, my favorite ...

“Bake looks runnerish, Harry.”