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Phillies Make House Call to Longtime Ticketholder

Since fans can't come to the ballpark for Nemours Opening Day because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Phillies are going to them! The Phillies made a surprise house call to longtime ticket holder Dr. Victor Heresniak, a healthcare worker who was recently hospitalized for COVID-19 and has since recovered. Making the surprise visit was the Phillie Phanatic, broadcaster Gregg Murphy and 1993 National League Champion Mickey Morandini, who all made a trip to the doctor's house in Swedesboro, NJ where they personally delivered Phillies swag in advance of the 2020 season. Phillies Bullpen Coach Jim Gott, also a COVID survivor, heard about the house call and made a FaceTime call to the doctor as well. This was the first of many visits planned by the Phillies sales office to celebrate and thank their many ticket holders. Mitchell Leff/Philadelphia Phillies