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Add your friends and follow their feats (or failures!) on the Feed, complete with emoji reactions to let them know exactly what you think of their last game.

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Featured Game

Beat the Streak

Play the fantasy baseball game that is still undefeated after over 20 years and you could walk away with millions. Use the % Chance to Hit feature, developed by MLB’s Data Science team, to find the batter most likely to get a hit each day and make your picks smarter. Or dive deep with all of the stats and matchup data you need to pick the perfect player for you.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. 21+. Ends at conclusion of MLB season or when Grand Prize is won. Restrictions apply; click for Official Rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

What is MLB Play?

MLB Play is our destination for all free-to-play predictive and trivia games for MLB. You can play all of our great games for FREE using your account. MLB Play is accessible on and for download via the App Store and Google Play.

How do I earn Prizes or Virtual Rewards in MLB Play?

Prizes are awarded to users for completing certain achievements (like getting the Beat the Streak: 10 Streak badge). For a complete list of Prizes and how to earn them, see the MLB Play Prizes page. Earn enough Tokens by doing well in an MLB Play game and you’ll automatically earn a reward pack with virtual collectibles to customize your MLB Play Profile.

What is Beat the Streak?

Beat the Streak is a free-to-play contest where fans predict an MLB player to get a hit. If fans build a streak of 57 correct picks (beating baseball’s famous 56-game hitting streak), they could win $5.6 Million. See Beat the Streak’s Official Rules for more.

What does “Pass” in Beat the Streak mean?

Beat the Streak allows you to keep your Streak at its then-current level (rather than break and revert to zero) under certain limited conditions that we call a Pass. One example is if the batter you picked never entered the game. See the Official Rules for details on all Pass scenarios.

What is a Streak Saver and how do I get one?

Streak Saver is a special, one-time way for your Streak to continue when it would have otherwise ended. When your Streak is at least 10 and no more than 15, if your pick fails to hit (or Pass), Streak Saver will “save” your Streak and keep it at its then current number. Streak Saver is automatically available for all fans. No action required! But Streak Saver will only make such a save once during the entire season. After Streak Saver saves your Streak, it is no longer available and will not save your future Streaks. See the Official Rules for more detail.

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