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Counseling and Support

Counseling for Career Transitions

Transitioning from one career to another, especially as an athlete, is tough. Often times, your identity is closely tied to your sport. As a baseball player, you have dedicated many years of your life to your craft, and the thought of starting something new may have you feeling anxious. Understand that this is an acceptable and expected feeling.

When you have held a dream for your life that is no longer coming true, the emotional impact can be painful. Grief is a normal reaction to endings or major changes in life's path. Confusion, sadness and a sense of loss are often present. It is important to take the time to process the impact of change.

Sand Creek, a professional counseling and consulting organization that many in the Baseball Family have counted on for years, offers free and confidential help to you and your family to do the required processing of all you are thinking and feeling to support your present and future mental wellness. Sand Creek is here to help you move through the loss of dreams to a place where you can begin to see new positive dreams and opportunities for your life.

Services available today include:

  • Confidential face-to-face or telephonic conversations with experienced professionals to help you with the mental and emotional side of all you are going through.
  • Support to deal with sadness, depression and anxiety issues.
  • Coping behavior suggestions that offer a positive alternative to substance abuse or other unhealthy options.
  • Mental skills building to imagine a new life and dream new dreams.
  • Financial counseling to work out the money matters.
  • Legal consultation for a half-hour with an attorney licensed in your state to address a wide variety of legal issues that may be playing out in your life, including immigration law. A 25 percent fee discount for continuing legal services is available through the consulting attorney.

Additional services coming soon and available on this portal include:

  • A phone or computer app that includes many educational articles, assessment tools that describe mental wellness services to support you along the way through your transition.
  • An online resource library in English and Spanish to give you articles and video aids that focus on issues for individuals and families going through transitions in their lives.
  • A self-assessment tool to help you identify the coping skills you possess and the circumstances present that make this transition more or less of a challenge for you.

If you would like to speak to a professional who may be able to help ease your mind and address some of the concerns that you may have about the next phase of your life, please contact the Wellness Program at the number below:

Minor League Player & Family Wellness Program
Phone: 651.430.3383 / 888.243.5744

Player, Partner and Family Wellness Services

The MLB Player, Partner and Family Helpline service for Major League players and the Minor League Player, Partner and Family Wellness Program are resources for players and their families.

Both helplines are operated by independent, third-party organizations. They are free of cost to players, their partner and families, and they are 100% confidential. Text or call the helplines with concerns, questions or to simply talk about parenting, dating, relationships and more. Spanish-speaking operators and language line operators are available for both of the helpline services.