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The Heart of the Park
Meet Jack Hill, Senior Vice President of Project Development, Texas Rangers

At the peak of construction over 2,000 individuals will be on site and working behind-the-scenes to build Globe Life Field. Take a look at the individuals under the hard hat, underneath the safety vests, and behind the construction of the future home of the Texas Rangers.

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"Schieffer did a great job explaining what he wanted. He was very organized and I can remember just thinking, he is a true baseball fan. He was excited from a fan's perspective," Hill said. "A few days after that I got a call from him wanting to know if I was interested in the position, which I was. I can remember going home and celebrating and just thinking how exciting that would be, to be a part of such an amazing project."

The first call was a memorable one for the Texas A&M graduate, but now familiar territory as Hill is currently working on his sixth professional stadium. Hill has worked on projects across the United States, from local venues American Airlines Center and AT&T Stadium, to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara and Miller Park in Milwaukee.

Fast forward to 2016, and he once again got the call from the Texas Rangers, this time to oversee the construction of the new Globe Life Field. Hill, who has spent over 35 years in construction and development, handles the day-to-day responsibility of working with the contractor, architects, and engineers.

"I look at myself as kind of a facilitator to keep the job on budget, on schedule, and also have the responsibility to facilitate decisions and keep the job moving," Hill said.

Hill, alongside Rangers Executive Vice President of Business Operations Rob Matwick, are the point contacts for this project, and together they oversee the construction management and development of Globe Life Field.

"We're a baseball team, so we're fortunate that we've been able to add someone like Jack Hill that has done this numerous times in his career and understands the process, understands construction, particularly as it relates to sports construction," Matwick said. "It's invaluable to have somebody like Jack with his experience and expertise on our side of the table."

Going from mid-size jobs to million dollar entertainment venues was an exciting transition and challenge for Hill.

"It was pretty incredible. The main thing that was different about it, usually on a mid-rise building, all the floors are pretty much the same. The finish out may be a little different, but the floor plates are pretty much the same," Hill said. "In a ballpark it's very much asymmetrical, so nothing is really the same. That was kind of unusual for me to go to a building that was so large that was asymmetrical and didn't repeat any place."

Of the many projects Hill has worked on, The Ballpark in Arlington, now called Globe Life Park is still his favorite, with it being the first on his resume of impressive entertainment venues.

"I loved [Globe Life Park], it was really the first. I really enjoyed doing that," Hill said. "Now here we are, 24 years later and we are replacing a ballpark that I was so much a part of. It's very easy to get excited. It's going to be exciting, I'm really looking forward to it."