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Q&A with Wesley Weaver: VP of Manhattan Construction

The 2017 season ended around the same time as the groundbreaking for Globe Life Field. What construction has been done in the past six months on Globe Life Field?
Since the season ended, until now, obviously the excavation, with the perimeter of the hole being dug. All the utilities have been completed as well. In August we started the utility work, trying to get all the new lines in, get everything fed. Then the excavation, and right now, we're starting to pour and form the perimeter walls down at the service level. We've got piers being drilled, we've got crate beams going in, we've got columns standing. 

From ground level, you can't really see [the progress] because there's so much happening 70 feet below the ground right now, but there is definitely a lot going on, that you can see now. With where we are in construction, getting ready to start some of the first elevated structural decks and getting ready for structural steel this summer. By summer you'll really start building things above ground and everybody is really going to be able to see this facility really start to take shape.

What changes can fans expect to see throughout the season?
By the end of the season you'll see quite a bit of the structural steel out of the ground. You'll start seeing façade going up, with all the different materials. The brick, the glass, the stone. It will really start taking shape then.

What does it mean to you to be working on a project of this capacity, a ballpark?
For me personally it is exciting, you don't get to do these every day and the fact that we've been able to do two of them now for the Rangers. Obviously I wasn't here when we built the original, but had the opportunity to work on some of the renovations that we've done to the original, and being able to build the new park, it's exciting. 

Everybody dreams about being able to do a project like this in your career and having this opportunity and to be able to come, after it's done, and sit here and watch a game, with your family and enjoy it, and think about all the hard work that you did and the fact that you've got 40,000 of your closest friends that are going to enjoy every game as well and being able to give back to the community.