Inbox: How will Andrus' return impact infielders?

Beat reporter T.R. Sullivan answers Texas fans' questions

May 28th, 2018

With playing better, and most likely coming back in June, who is the odd man out with them and ? I think a majority of fans would love to keep Profar over Odor at this point.
-- Steven A., San Fernando, Calif.

would get some votes as well. The toughest part is keeping everybody healthy. The second toughest is deciding how long to stick with Odor even though there might be better alternatives. That part is still unknown. Profar and Kiner-Falefa have played well to this point and deserve to continue to play, but right now the Rangers are committed to Andrus and Odor. Manager Jeff Banister said he thinks Odor is getting close to getting hot.
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Is there a scenario this season where any member of the coaching staff's job becomes in jeopardy?
-- Alex W., Austin, Texas

General manager Jon Daniels made it clear a week ago that changes in the coaching staff are not being considered at this time. Those guys are putting in long hours trying to get a young team ready to compete at the Major League level and the Rangers have been playing much better lately. That said, when a season does not go as planned, everybody is evaluated and held accountable at some point, from the top on down. The Rangers may wait until after the season, but while the front office has remained fairly stable over the past several years, they have not been shy about making changes to the field staff.
Joey Gallo lights up the field when he makes contact. But he has as many strikeouts as total bases. He does not seem to have improved over last year. Would he benefit from some time at Triple-A Round Rock tweaking his swing for more contact?
-- David M., Harker Heights, Texas

Gallo needs to stay right where he is. He has the talent, aptitude and desire to get better, and his career has zig-zagged enough as it is. Let him play left field -- one position -- and give him a chance to get hot. He showed what he can do in the second half of last season. Maybe it doesn't click, but the Rangers need to give him every chance at the Major League level.

If the Rangers become sellers at the Trade Deadline and continues to have hamstring issues do you see him finishing the season with the Rangers, then retiring?
-- Ryan E., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

The odds seem high that Beltre remains with the Rangers the rest of the season. His leadership and clubhouse presence alone are probably worth more than any players the Rangers might acquire in a trade. As far as retiring, only Beltre knows what he will do, but there are those who say he does not want to walk away from the game after a season like this. He would prefer to go out on a higher note.

Any thoughts on trying Matt Moore as a reliever? One time through the rotation.
-- Dwayne A,. Jenks, Okla.

Everybody knows Moore needs to do better. Not sure if the bullpen is the solution, but a swap of roles with is one alternative.

With rumors surrounding possibly wanting to come home and pitch in Texas, do the Rangers make a push for him?
-- Travis H., Benbrook, Texas

Kershaw, 31 and a Dallas native, is signed for two more years for a total of $65 million but does have the right to opt out of his contract after this season. The Rangers would love to have the best pitcher on the planet, but Kershaw is unlikely to opt out unless he and his representatives are sure they can get a better deal. Also, don't forget that Kershaw has been on the disabled list in three straight years. But Texas would likely be high on his list of places to play.
You mentioned and as the only likely "untouchables" on the roster. Would Gallo not also be at that level? Which players on this roster do you think are most likely to be moved?
-- Dave S., Webster, Texas

Cole Hamels would be the obvious choice, but he is also a pitcher who could head next year's rotation if the Rangers are inclined to pick up his $20 million option. Left-handed reliever Jake Diekman is another to watch. A hard-throwing, left-handed reliever could be of significant value to a contending team down the stretch and into postseason. The Rangers will explore every possibility presented to them.