Inbox: What is Profar worth in trade talks?

Beat reporter T.R. Sullivan takes questions from fans

June 11th, 2018
Texas Rangers' Jurickson Profar points to the sky as he arrives home following his solo home run against the Oakland Athletics during the third inning of a baseball game, Wednesday, June 6, 2018, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Jim Cowsert)Jim Cowsert/AP

Before the season, 's trade value was basically nil. How much do you think he has raised that with his better play the last month? What would the Rangers be looking to get if they decided to trade Profar?
-- Jeff B., Dallas
The Rangers need young, controllable pitching, and they are not going to get that for Profar. First of all, Profar is not a top young prospect anymore. He is going to have four-plus years of service time when the season is over, so it's unlikely that a rebuilding team will trade for him to be its long-term shortstop of the future. As far as a contending team, Profar is not viewed as a significant upgrade, so a trade is unlikely there unless a club has a significant injury or needs utility depth.
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Profar may be more valuable to the Rangers knowing that and/or could be free agents in the offseason. He could also end up being like . That's an interesting comparison. Lowrie was a top infield prospect for the Red Sox before having his own misfortune that set him back early in his career and really didn't start having his best years until being traded to Oakland at the age of 29. Profar still has a bright future, but his present trade value still isn't high.
Was the timing of Jon Daniels' extension so soon after the Draft concluded a coincidence? In other words, since teams don't start thinking about trades until it's concluded, does this give him more leverage to make larger and more controversial trades?
-- Alex W., Austin, Texas
The extension was talked about last offseason and in Spring Training. There was never any urgency in getting anything done, nor was there any doubt it would get done. Owners have busy agendas, especially when building new ballparks and taking care of their other businesses. It's doubtful that Daniels is looking to do larger and controversial trades, but there is no doubt he has the green light to trade Cole Hamels and/or Beltre if he feels it is the right thing to do. Daniels will do what he always has done, and that's judge each trade opportunity on its own merits.

If is able to stay up in the Major Leagues, any chance he will be a strong candidate for a Gold Glove?
-- John S., Dallas
Yes. Guzman needs to hit to play regularly at the big league level. But just watching him for the past few months, he definitely has the defensive skills -- athleticism, hands, agility and arm strength -- to be a Gold Glove contender. Experience will be big, but the wing span and ability to stretch is cool to watch.
How much more time do the Rangers give Matt Moore in the rotation?
-- Bobby W., Fort Worth
The clock would be running out if the Rangers had a good young prospect ready to step in that spot. They don't. is 0-6 with a 5.26 ERA in 10 starts at Triple-A Round Rock. Right now, it would seem Texas' best alternative is to switch Moore with long reliever , but the Rangers haven't been inclined to do that.

If Hamels were to be traded, would the Rangers have enough available starting pitching with the injuries to fill his spot in the rotation?
-- Jo-Anna S., Anna, Texas
Obviously, the Rangers would like to get a young pitcher in return who could potentially step into that spot. Otherwise, if Hamels is traded in July -- a highly likely proposition -- Texas is hoping that would be ready to return from the disabled list. The Rangers also have and at Round Rock.
Do you see a chance that can take over as the backup catcher, or should he go back down to work on his catching?
-- Doug H., Orange, Texas
Kiner-Falefa has been an outstanding third baseman, but there are those in the organization who feel he could be the catcher of the future. When the Rangers do get all their infielders healthy, it would be interesting of Texas to entertain the idea of Kiner-Falefa getting back to catching either here or at Round Rock.