Texas making progress on offseason goals

Rangers 'unlikely' to go after high-priced free agent, Daniels says

December 8th, 2016

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- The Rangers have yet to announce the signing of free-agent center fielder since he has not completed his physical. His agent, Scott Boras, said an agreement was in place.

But the Rangers are still in the market for more offensive help, either at outfield, first base or designated hitter. It just won't be an expensive free agent like .

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"Unlikely," general manager Jon Daniels said.

Encarnacion, the premier offensive bat on the free-agent market, remained unsigned Wednesday night, but Daniels didn't expect the price to go so low to a point that peaks the Rangers' interest.

By signing Gomez and free-agent pitcher , the Rangers have accomplished two main objectives. They are still in the market for more starting-pitching depth and offensive help.

"There are a few different ways we can go," Daniels said. "It could be outfield or first base, it could be at designated hitter. We have some good internal options at first base."

If the Rangers add another outfielder, it could be that gets more time at designated hitter. But Daniels prefers a flexible roster rather than one player limited to that spot.

The White Sox traded both a starter in and a center fielder in . But Daniels said the package of players in return for those two players, "were at levels that didn't make sense for us at this time."

Rangers beat 

• Daniels has been placed on the Playing Rules Committee by chairman Sandy Alderson of the Mets. He replaces Terry Ryan, who was dismissed this year as the Twins general manager.

• The Rangers are working out a Minor League deal for outfielder , who was taken off the 40-man roster last week.

• The Rangers continue to get asked about all their relievers and have made it clear is not going anywhere.