Hamilton rundown ends in a rare putout

Speedy outfielder doesn't go down easily

June 21st, 2017

ST. PETERSBURG -- Because of his speed, Reds center fielder can even make rundowns more interesting. Even though the Rays got their man caught between third base and home, they needed five men to do it because Hamilton was quick on his feet.

It made for the rare 6-5-2-4-5-7 putout in the Reds' 8-3 loss to the Rays.

"I gave it all I had. I wasn't going to just give up that easy," Hamilton said.

With two outs and runners on first and second base, grounded to shortstop where booted the ball for an error. But Robertson recovered the ball in time to see Hamilton round third base and get into no-man's land and fired a throw to third baseman as he tried scampering back.

Hamilton darted to the plate, where the throw went to catcher , who threw to second baseman , who then threw to Plouffe again.

Credit belongs to Rays left fielder , who hustled to the infield to back up at third base, and called for the ball.

"I told everybody to get out the way," Smith said.

Smith received Plouffe's throw at third base, where Hamilton finally gave up and was tagged out.

"They brought one of their fast guys in," Hamilton said.

Hamilton pointed and laughed with Smith, and the two patted each other on the back as the inning ended.

"You try your best until you can't do anymore," Hamilton said. "I really wanted to get out of it. I didn't want to get into it. It's one of those things you can't control. You expect the shortstop to make that play and throw to first base. I can't fault myself or [third base coach] Billy Hatcher. As a baserunner, you want to keep going. If he throws to first, and Geno beats it out, I score. If he gets out, I still have a chance to score."

The last outfielder with a putout in the infield was the Phillies' Ty Kelly, a right fielder -- on May 4, 2017, but he was part of a double play with five infielders. The last time five players were involved in a play was just last week on June 14 for the White Sox vs. the Orioles.