Reds frustrated by reviews in loss to Crew

August 13th, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- They were two odd plays that were almost identical, and two replay reviews that both went against the Reds on Saturday. Add it up and there was one aggravated visitors' dugout.

The Reds lost, 6-5, on a 10th-inning walk-off wild pitch to from . But they wondered what might have been had the reviewed calls gone their way.

Leading off the top of the ninth, thought he was hit on the left hand by a 3-2 pitch from . Home-plate umpire Chad Fairchild thought Kivlehan fouled the ball into catcher 's glove and called him out.

In the top of the 10th inning, was batting with the potential go-ahead run on first base when a 1-2 Knebel fastball also seemed to glance off his left hand and into the catcher's glove. Again, Fairchild ruled it was a foul tip and strike three.

"It 100 percent got me. But you know, he's going off of sound because my guess is he couldn't see it," Duvall said.

Reds manager Bryan Price challenged the call that went against Kivlehan. A crew chief review was done to review the Duvall play. The outcome was the same. Both calls were determined to stand because the replay official could not definitively determine the ball struck either batter.

Price argued the Kivlehan call -- before and after it went against the Reds.

"The issue was both of the calls were originated with [the umpire] saying they were foul tips off the bat on check swings when neither hitter, Duvall or Kivlehan, went around," Price said. "The only thing you can challenge -- because you can't challenge a foul ball -- is a hit-by-pitch. And in the process, by review, you realize neither one was a foul ball. But that can't be challenged. So, they can't overturn the fact the ball didn't hit the bat in either instance."

Following the strikeout standing against Duvall, the Reds bench got ornery with the umpires, and catcher was ejected by crew chief Larry Vanover. For Mesoraco, it was more of frustration boiling over from two tough games that have been split by the clubs with each decided by one run.

"We've had some check swings that didn't go our way," Mesoraco said. "I thought that [] made some good pitches that weren't called. I had a couple when I was batting that were called strikes that I thought were balls. Then the two check swings [tonight]. They both killed us. We have a leadoff guy on against a tough closer, that's a whole different inning with Kivlehan.

"We had 20 guys yelling, and I must have been the loudest yeller. I'm not sure. I was obviously fired up. I'm sure I deserved to be thrown out."

Mesoraco was ejected from a game only once before, on July 30, 2012, and it was for bumping Fairchild during a dispute. Mesoraco was suspended for two games.

"There was a lot of calls that I kind of disagreed with," Mesoraco said. "Obviously, sometimes history can play into some things. I was pretty fired up."

Before the bottom of the 10th and making a double switch to replace Mesoraco with , Price slammed his clipboard to the dugout floor in anger.

"Nobody is trying to miss calls. I understand that," Price said. "It's a tough job to do, but both calls went against us today. And the replay documented that, unfortunately, in front of our entire team."