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Congratulations! Your academic achievement this school year qualifies you for the Cincinnati Reds Straight-A Program. The Cincinnati Reds are proud to provide you with two FREE tickets to a designated Reds home game during the 2019 season at Great American Ball Park.

You may begin ordering your tickets now. The opportunity to order Straight-A tickets will end on the last game date listed below (September 8, 2019).

NEW THIS YEAR: All Straight A tickets will be digitally delivered via the Ballpark app for the 2019 season. Please click the link below for more information and instructions.

To order your Straight-A tickets please review the "How to Order Tickets" instructions and click the"Redeem Tickets" button to proceed.

Please note that you must enter the unique password you received in your Straight-A letter in the password box BEFORE you can select your game. This password is case sensitive and is uniquely tied to the games listed below. This password will expire only after you have completed your order.

If you have more than one Straight-A student letter please complete each student's order separately. Our convenient interactive seat map allows you to choose your seats so you can easily coordinate sitting with your family and friends.

Each password is valid for two FREE tickets to ONE of the designated game dates below. All games are subject to availability.

Straight-A tickets must be ordered online and cannot be exchanged. Children 3 years of age or younger may sit on an adult's lap without a ticket. If you require wheelchair accessible seating, please click on the "ADA Seating" link at the bottom of the seat selection page. (See "Step 4" below.)

Congratulations again on your achievement and keep up the great work! We look forward to seeing you at Great American Ball Park!

How to Order Tickets

Step 1: Click the "Redeem Tickets" button below.
Step 2: Type your password into the password box and click "Log In". Note: Passwords are case sensitive.
Step 3: Click on the green "T" button on your desired game date.
Step 4: Click on your desired section from one of the designated highlighted areas. Then, click "Select Seats From This Area".
Step 5: Click on all of the seats you wish to select, then click "Review Your Selections." 
Step 6: Under the Price Option drop down boxes, choose "Straight A - Free Ticket" for the first two. Any additional tickets, choose "Straight A Additional" from the drop down box.
Step 7: Proceed to checkout and complete your order.

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