2024 Reds Promotions

All giveaway items are scheduled to be distributed on the game day specified, when the gates open, on a first-come, first-served basis. Each ticketed guest that is within any specified age limit will receive one (1) giveaway item (while supplies last). Guests with multiple tickets must exit and reenter the ballpark in order to receive multiple giveaway items. There are no exceptions to this policy. Due to disruption of the supply chain, the dates of promotional giveaways and the quantities of promotional items are uncertain. The Reds do not guarantee that promotional items will be made available to patrons on the originally scheduled promotional giveaway date. Please visit reds.com/promotions closer to the giveaway date to confirm availability.

This Promotional Schedule is subject to change with additional updates to come.

(Updated June 14, 2024)


Friday, July 12 vs. Miami Marlins

Saturday, July 13 vs. Miami Marlins

Sunday, July 14 vs. Miami Marlins

Tuesday, July 30 vs. Chicago Cubs


Friday, August 2 vs. San Francisco Giants

Saturday, August 3 vs. San Francisco Giants

Sunday, August 4 vs. San Francisco Giants

Monday, August 12 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Tuesday, August 13 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Wednesdayy, August 14 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Friday, August 16 vs. Kansas City Royals

Saturday, August 17 vs. Kansas City Royals

Sunday, August 18 vs. Kansas City Royals

Tuesday, August 27 vs.Oakland Athletics

Thursday, August 29 vs. Oakland Athletics

Friday, August 30 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Saturday, August 31 vs. Milwaukee Breweers


Sesame Street Ticket Package - All September Games

Sunday, September 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Monday, September 2 vs. Houston Astros

Wednesday, September 4 vs. Houston Astros

Thursday, September 5 vs. Houston Astros

Tuesday, September 17 vs. Atlanta Braves

Wednesday, September 18 vs. Atlanta Braves

Thursday, September 19 vs. Atlanta Braves

Friday, September 20 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Saturday, September 21 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Sunday, September 22 vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Past Promotions

Thursday, March 28 vs. Washington Nationals

Saturday, March 30 vs. Washington Nationals

Sunday, March 31 vs. Washington Nationals


Friday, April 5 vs. New York Mets

Saturday, April 6 vs. New York Mets

Sunday, April 7 vs. New York Mets

Tuesday, April 9 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Thursday, April 11 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Friday, April 19 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, April 20 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Sunday, April 21 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Tuesday, April 23 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Wednesday, April 24 vs. Philadelphia Phillies


Friday, May 3 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Sunday, May 5 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Tuesday, May 7 vs. Arizona D-backs

Thursday, May 9 vs. Arizona D-backs

Tuesday, May 21 vs. San Diego Padres

Wednesday, May 22 vs. San Diego Padres

Thursday, May 23 vs. San Diego Padres

Friday, May 24 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Saturday, May 25 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Sunday, May 26 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Monday, May 27 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Tuesday, May 28 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Wednesday, May 29 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Thursday, June 6 vs. Chicago Cubs


Friday, June 7 vs. Chicago Cubs

Saturday, June 8 vs. Chicago Cubs

Sunday, June 9 vs. Chicago Cubs

Tuesday, June 11 vs. Cleveland Guardians

Wednesday, June 12 vs. Cleveland Guardians

Friday, June 21 vs. Boston Red Sox

Saturday, June 22 vs. Boston Red Sox

Sunday, June 23 vs. Boston Red Sox

Monday, June 24 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Tuesday, June 25 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Wednesday, June 26 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Friday, July 5 vs. Detroit Tigers

Saturday July 6 vs. Detroit Tigers

Sunday, July 7 vs. Detroit Tigers

Monday, July 8 vs. Colorado Rockies

Tuesday, July 9 vs. Colorado Rockies

Thursday, July 11 vs. Colorado Rockies