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Boston Red Sox named Topps Organization of the Year

San Diego, CA - After another outstanding year of Major and Minor League Baseball, Topps is excited to announce this years' "Organization of the Year Award" goes to the Boston Red Sox. This achievement by the Red Sox marks its first win in franchise history.

The Organization of the Year award dates back to 1966 and highlights the Major League team that has shown outstanding performance, depth and talent throughout their Major and Minor League teams. The Award is presented annually based on the number of players in the organization that have received Topps awards during the season. Points are awarded in four different minor league categories including: All-Star players, Players of the Month, Trautman Award recipients, awarded to each league's Minor League Player of the Year, and The J.G Taylor Spink Award recipient, awarded to the overall Minor League Player of the Year. Points are also awarded for those players' selected for Topps Major League Rookie All-Star team.

The Red Sox's individual winners included: Mookie Betts (Eastern League Player of the Year, 2014 Topps All-Star); Rafael Devers (Gulf Coast League Player of the Year, 2014 Topps All-Star); Blake Swihart (2014 Topps All-Star); Henry Owens (2014 Topps All-Star); Keury De La Cruz (Player of the Month - Carolina League); Sean Coyle (Player of the Month - Eastern League); Xander Bogaerts (2014 Topps Major League Rookie All-Star Team)

The Milwaukee Brewers and New York Yankees have won the trophy five times while Oakland, Baltimore, Montreal and the New York Mets are three-time winners. Anaheim, Kansas City, San Diego and San Francisco also make note as two-time winners of this award. Topps is proud to sponsor annual awards honoring major league rookies, minor league players and baseball scouts. Its extensive awards program is administered by the Topps Sports/Player Licensing Department, under the direction of Jon Einalhori. Topps is an international marketer of entertainment products, principally collectible trading cards, confections and sticker collections.

Past winners:

1966 Baltimore

1967 Los Angeles

1968 NY Yankees

1969 Philadelphia

1970 Los Angeles

1971 Baltimore

1972 Baltimore

1973 NY Yankees

1974 California

1975 San Diego

1976 California

1977 Montreal

1978 Cincinnati

1979 Chicago Cubs

1980 NY Yankees

1981 Los Angeles

1982 NY Yankees

1983 NY Mets

1984 NY Mets

1985 NY Yankees

1986 Atlanta

1987 Milwaukee

1988 San Diego

1989 Milwaukee

1990 Los Angeles

1991 Milwaukee

1992 Milwaukee

1993 Montreal

1994 Kansas City

1995 KC/NY Mets (tie)

1996 Montreal

1997 Los Angeles

1998 Oakland

1999 Oakland

2000 Minn/Seattle (tie)

2001 Houston

2002 Pittsburgh

2003 Milwaukee

2004 Oakland

2005 Arizona

2006 Cleveland

2007 Tampa Bay

2008 Florida

2009 San Francisco

2010 Los Angeles Dodgers

2011 San Francisco

2012 Texas

2013 Colorado

2014 Boston

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