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Upstart Nava may finally get an agent

BOS View Full Game Coverage TON -- Since May 10, the date Daniel Nava played his first game in the Majors in two seasons, there were only two players in the American League with a higher on-base percentage than his .445: Paul Konerko (.488) and Joe Mauer (.446).

It might be time to get the Red Sox outfielder -- and of late, leadoff hitter -- his first agent.

Not because free agency is near (it's not), but for all else that agents take care of, like guidance, maybe an equipment deal. For Nava, who's 29 and signed with the Red Sox for the 2008 season out of independent ball, it's the bond that matters most.

He's searched for an agent before, but there wasn't interest.

"I tried to get one, but nobody wanted me," Nava said. "When I tried to get one was after my first season with the Red Sox, and it just wasn't the right time. I think being a new guy in the organization it was tough for anyone to say, 'Hey, we're going to take a guy on who we don't know where he stands within the organization.'

"I understood that, and I was still trying once it didn't work out. I just said, 'You know what, I really don't need one right now.' I did my own kind of agent stuff -- in terms of, I called up companies, and worked with bats and batting gloves."

Now, Nava is looking, but he's not in a rush to make any decisions.

"When I first got called up, I had a lot of people that were interested," Nava said. "I'm definitely taking my time. I have someone that I'm seriously considering."

From getting equipment to finding the right person to represent him, it's been a word-of-mouth process. He's worked with Cutters Gloves to get batting gloves, and through Adrian Gonzalez he's gotten bats from Trinity Bat Company.

The glove that rests on his chair in the Fenway Park clubhouse doesn't have his name on it, but Ryan Kalish's.

"You play with guys, 'Hey this guy's got some equipment that you want, get in contact with this company,'" Nava said. "I always tried to get cleats from, like, Eastbay; a glove from whoever I could get a glove from."

Nava emphasizes, though, that he wants the right person, not someone who's interested because he's all the rage.

"It's just a decision that I take pretty seriously. When I didn't want one, a lot of people didn't want me," Nava said. "I'm not going to hop on the bandwagon just because someone wants me. I'm after more, like, character and type of person and how we mold together than anything else. We'll see what develops.

"Personally, I don't really so much care about the deals and stuff, I just want someone who's going to understand and represent me."

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