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Status of Boston coaching staff unknown

BOSTON -- Whether they undermined Bobby Valentine or not, some Red Sox coaches may be following him out the door.

The Red Sox relieved Valentine of his duties as manager on Thursday, a day after they ended the season with 69 wins. As of Thursday afternoon, the team had not yet talked with his coaches: Tim Bogar (bench), Dave Magadan (hitting), Randy Niemann (pitching), Alex Ochoa (first base), Jerry Royster (third base) and Gary Tuck (bullpen).

"I'll have a chance to talk to the coaches soon, I haven't done that yet," general manager Ben Cherington said. "Nothing to report there."

Asked if that meant there are no guarantees for the coaches, Cherington gave a similar answer.

"I haven't had a chance to talk to them," he said. "So I'll do that soon."

Much has been made of Valentine's communication issues with the people who were supposed to serve as his aides. Pitching coach Bob McClure was dismissed midseason and replaced by Niemann, who began the season as an assistant pitching coach. Niemann and Royster were brought in by Valentine, but the others were with the organization in some capacity before his arrival.

On his final day with the Red Sox, Valentine didn't lob bombshells, but he did question the efforts his subordinates made for him.

"I thought I had just a feeling [I had been undermined]," Valentine said on Wednesday. "I don't have any facts. Just a feeling once in a while we weren't all on the same page.

"I just think there's an information flow that's needed in any organizational structure, and it needs to flow directly. This has been a work in progress to get things to flow in a straight-line-chain-of-command type of flow, or even information-need flow. I don't know how to describe it other than to think of telephones poles being set up down the street. When one of them goes down, it's tough to get the flow. So you want to set it up so it works. And timely fashion also is part of that communication."

Valentine added that he does not think all the coaches were against him, and that he doesn't know specifics. But it seems he feels he knows enough to speak publicly.

Asked about Valentine's conflicts with his staff, team president Larry Lucchino demurred.

"We're not going to get into specific topics or issues or diagnosis of problems," Lucchino said. "On balance, the record speaks for itself. There are numerous factors that contributed to it, and by no means does the blame for this season fall on -- or exclusively on -- Bobby Valentine."

Whomever is brought in as manager will likely be able to better hand-pick his coaching staff. Valentine was hired later than most managers are, in December, so this time the Sox want to get things done quicker as they look for "a bit of a reset with the culture in the clubhouse," as Cherington put it.

Lucchino added that Valentine may have spoken to the coaches on his way out, but Lucchino did not say in what capacity those conversations were held, and was not positive they even occurred.

"We do think that Bobby may have talked to the coaches," Lucchino said. "But I don't know that."