Camp Story will be in session this winter

September 18th, 2023

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and , the two best shortstops in Colorado Rockies history, never played together in the Major Leagues. Tulowitzki was traded on July 28, 2015, to the Blue Jays, in large part because the Rockies knew Story was on the way.

But before Tulowitzki left town, he did something Story is still indebted to him for.

When Story was in the Minor Leagues, he got an invitation one winter to Tulowitzki’s home in Las Vegas for a week of mentorship.

This winter, Story plans on paying it forward when he invites a host of Red Sox players for a week or so of workouts near his home in the Dallas area.

The first “Camp Story” is coming, and it could become an annual thing.

How meaningful was it to Story when Tulowitzki hosted him for those winter workouts?

“That was huge. It was the probably the singularly most impactful thing I did in the Minor Leagues,” Story said. “He invited me out to his home in Vegas. We worked out for a week straight. He took me through his routine. The way he put it was, ‘This is how you want to work to be an All-Star, to be one of the best shortstops in the game’. After that, I was hooked.”

Marcelo Mayer, MLB Pipeline's No. 11 overall prospect and Boston’s top prospect, was shut down at the end of this season due to left shoulder inflammation, but Story hopes the team’s future shortstop will make it to his camp.

“I’m definitely inviting him,” Story said of Mayer.

Second baseman Nick Yorke (Boston's No. 6 prospect), the team’s first-round pick in 2020, is another likely attendee.

As far as Story is concerned, the more the merrier.

“It will be mostly infielders, but not just infielders,” said Story. “Anyone who wants to come down and get some work, I love hitting, so we’re going to be hitting too.”

When Story worked out with Tulowitzki all those years ago, it was just the two of them.

The drills -- both mental and physical -- gave Story a template of what his invitational should look like.

“Yeah, we did everything,” said Story. “Worked out, lifted, took ground balls. We hit. And then just talked ball. Really, just everything you think about baseball, we did it. That's what I plan on doing down in Texas.”

This winter, Story will use some of the many workout facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In the coming years, Story will invite players to his tailor-made facility.

“I’m actually building my own facility right now,” said Story. “That won't be done until midsummer. Going forward, that’s where we'll have it.”

Story views Mayer and the rest of Boston’s middle-infield prospects much the way Tulowitzki looked at him.

“It says a lot about [Tulowitzki],” said Story. “I can't be any more thankful to him for doing that for me. Some people look at it as a competition-type thing. You know, he's a shortstop, he's coming up to take your spot. He obviously had a different view on it. And I think that's the way it should be.

“These guys are a part of the organization, and they're gonna help us win at some point. I think that's a huge thing. And I want to embrace that, and I think Tulo showed me the way to do that.”