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Red Sox Replay: Frequently Asked Questions


What is Red Sox Replay?

Replay is the Official Red Sox Ticket Resale Marketplace where ticket owners can post their tickets for purchase by other fans. As such, it is the safest, most secure, and most trustworthy site and the only resale marketplace backed by the Boston Red Sox.

What is My Red Sox Tickets (My Tickets)?

My Tickets is your personal online account manager, available from your desk or anywhere you travel via a mobile device. Using My Tickets, you can view your tickets to events, take specific actions on your tickets, and produce a barcoded ticket for entry into the venue.

My Tickets also includes features to allow you to edit your account settings and to maintain a list of friends.

What Actions Can I Take on Tickets?

The most common action is viewing your tickets for entry into the venue. You can also post your tickets to the Red Sox Replay Marketplace, which allows you to list your tickets for sale at a price of your choosing.

You can also Toss your tickets to friends, which moves the tickets from your inventory list into your friend's inventory list where they can then be used to enter a game. Tickets can also be donated to the Red Sox Foundation, or printed for use.


How can I be sure that I am buying legitimate tickets on Replay?

Replay is the only secondary market website that is completely electronically integrated, meaning that only tickets that have been authenticated by the Red Sox can be offered for sale. We are so confident in the authenticity of the tickets offered that we promise to provide you with equivalent or better seats if there is an issue with your order. If equivalent or better seats are not available for a particular game we will issue a 200% refund (2x the price you paid for your tickets).

How much does it cost to buy tickets on Replay?

A 15% transaction fee will be added to each order, similar to other secondary market websites.

Additionally, there will be a $5 per order processing fee applied at checkout. So, by way of example, if you buy two tickets for $100 each, your total charge would be $235 ($200 for the tickets, $30 transaction fee, and $5 processing fee).

Why should I buy on Red Sox Replay instead of another site?

In addition to being the only electronically integrated and completely secure resale marketplace for Red Sox tickets, Replay provides incentives to Season Ticket Holders to list on the site, ensuring the best possible seat locations.


Why should I list on Replay rather than another site?

  1. Official Marketplace - Replay is the Official Resale Marketplace of the Red Sox. As such, it is housed within My Tickets and is the safest, most secure and trustworthy site, and the only one backed by the Boston Red Sox.
  2. Convenience - Replay is the only electronically integrated site, making it simple to list tickets for resale with just a few button clicks. When tickets are sold, they are digitally delivered safely and securely to the buyer, without the need to hassle with printing and mailing like other marketplaces.
  3. Lower Fees - Base seller fees are among the lowest in the industry with the opportunity for 0% seller fees for Season Ticket Holders.
  4. Rewards - Earn Red Sox Rewards points with every completed sale.
  5. Automatic Ticket Donation - Receive value for tickets that do not sell in the form of a tax deduction from the Red Sox Foundation

How long will my tickets remain posted for resale?

You will be able to set the expiration time when you post your tickets for resale. All listings will expire two hours prior to game time, unless you have selected an earlier date and time. You will receive an email notification if your offer expires. If you select the option to auto-donate your unsold listings, your offer will expire 72 hours before game time and your tickets will automatically be donated to the Red Sox Foundation, resulting in a tax deduction.

What is the charge for selling on Replay?

A standard 10% transaction fee will be assessed to completed sales, comparable with other sites in the industry. In addition, seller fees for Season Ticket Holders are just 5% and these funds can be applied as a credit towards the following year's renewal invoice. In other words, as long as tickets are renewed for the following season, all seller fees are put toward that payment. There is no charge to list tickets that do not sell.

Can I list physical tickets on Replay that do not appear in My Tickets?

All patrons are required to post tickets on Replay via their My Tickets account. As such, only the account holder of record is able to post tickets for resale on Replay. This allows us to ensure that all tickets being listed on Replay are 100% authentic, preventing any opportunity for fraud.

For Replay Customer Service, our call center is open Monday through Friday, 10 am until 5 pm (Eastern Time) and can be reached at 877-REDSOX9. Additionally, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.