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Season Tickets: 10th Man Plan

  • 10th Man Plan includes a schedule of 10 regular season home games played at Fenway Park
  • There are 3 plans in 4 different areas of Fenway Park
    • X Plan - Tuesday and Friday Games
    • Y Plan - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Games
    • Z Plan - Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Games

Postseason Access: 1 potential game for ALDS

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a season ticket holder in 2020, please contact us below.

  • Please note 2020 pricing has not been set and 25% deposit is based off 2019 pricing listed below.
  • If 2020 season ticket pricing is 2.5% above 2019 season ticket price, buyers would be eligible for a refund of their deposit by submitting a written request to the Red Sox.

*Please note, plan schedules are not set yet for 2020